Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buttons Are Memories

My Daddy grew up right across the road from I grew up.

It was a farm...

and at one point there was no road...

just farm.

I grew up on a much smaller farm.

I didn't really like it.

I'm scared of cows.

But my Daddy's Mother was right across the road.

This is her and my Grandaddy's 50th Anniversary...

that's me in blue.

That's my bossy sister in red.

She's still bossy.

I'm pretty sure I'm there because that's where the cake was...

I haven't changed at all.

My Granny died a couple of years later.

I remember we buried her on Easter Sunday.

We buried my Grandaddy the following Spring on Good Friday.

But I remember...

she made the best apple butter you have ever in your life tasted.

And there was never a time that I would go over that she didn't have tangerine's under the sink...

or fresh fried apple pies...

or just some cold apple butter to slather on a slice of bread.

She always had a lap for sitting...

or time to swing with you on the front porch.

They were poor...

they had been farmer's their whole lives and now they were in their 70's...

so there was not a lot of money.

She would put together jigsaw puzzles and glue them onto cardboard for gifts.

They still reside in the top of my Mama's closet where I need to remember to ask about them.

She was a quilter.

She made this one out of pieces of old clothes and flour sacks...

I love this quilt. 

And it may just be a simple block quilt to some...

but I know what it's truly made of.

My Granny's hands sewed this...

every stitch.

She always had a quilt going...

and had a room in the back that always had one stretched on the frame.

They didn't have a tv so there wasn't a lot of entertainment when you went over...

but there was Granny's sewing room.

And in her sewing room she had a big jar of buttons.

Buttons from clothes worn past the point of mending...

and I'm sure for her each button had a story.

I just liked playing with them.

When PTI previewed some of their new goodies last night...

they issued a challenge to create with buttons.

I have struggled with this one...

weather delayed some supplies I had hoped to have today so I had to make due with what I had...

it's not what I saw in my mind.

But I thought of my Granny's button jar making this...

how each button was a memory...

and how her button jar...

is a memory for me.

Supplies:  All Supplies PTI unless noted
               Cardstock: Kraft, Blueberry Sky and 
               Pure Poppy
               Stamps: Friendship Jar & TT Valentine's
               Buttons, twine: PTI
               Markers: Copic
               Ink & punch: SU

*Note- I won't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am with this many things I know I did wrong...I just want you to know...I know.


  1. i still like the card! funny, i posted mine and wrote how it was a flop too. what a great story to go with it, at least your card has that! and your "bio" still has me laughing. good luck winning the big button prize.

  2. Goodness, I don't know why you're disappointed with this card- it's beautiful! I love the rich colors, and your hand colored background- the twine, the buttons- it's wonderful, don't doubt it!

  3. A beautiful card and a beautiful story. you are so lucky to have those memories and photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. O....M....G!!!! Wait until you see the card I just posted for the button challenge......I mean, SERIOUSLY??? Wait until you see it!

    Okay, my mouth is now done hanging open in amazement so I'm ready to tell you that your card is just beautiful! There is nothing wrong with it at all. NOTHING! I just love it!

  5. lovely card! we have "grandma's button jar" too and it is a precious keepsake. your card and story reminded me of it! tfs

  6. so cute, love your wood floor! <3

  7. What don't you like about this card? I know how hard that must have been to mask all those buttons. I really like the card. The coloring behind the jar is perfect, and the table it sits on. Great. Really. Now I get where the patchwork title on your blog comes from too. What a wonderful story this was. I think you are too hard on yourself. This is a great card.

  8. A fitting tribute to your grandma - she made your quilt with what she had on hand, as did you making your beautiful card with the supplies you had. You have such wonderful stories! On a side note, did you mask all those buttons??!!!

  9. Renee, thanks again for the touching story to accompany your card. I love this card. First of all the colors work wonderfully together! Secondly, I LOVE the background you created with the blue *wash* and wood table. Love it!

  10. I think your jar of buttons turned out GREAT!

  11. Renee, I *LOVE* your card and I loved reading about your grandparents and your family. What an amazing post.

  12. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, Renee?! This card is so perfect! I love how you layered the real buttons and the stamped ones! And I am totally getting out Blueberry Sky tomorrow if there is a challenge. I think I have only used it once since it debuted, eek! Amazing post!

  13. This is so darling. "This" meaning everything. You show such generosity of spirit. It is heartwarming. Great post, brilliant card. Thank you!

  14. That is an incredible introduction. The pictures you included almost have me in tears. I love the story, and I LOVE the button jar - you don't need to be so hard on yourself :)

  15. What a wonderful story about your grandma. I think you card came out great! I can't believe you don't like it. We are always our own worst critics though.

  16. How can you be disappointed--your card is amazing and I LOVE it! Great colors and I really like the washed background--very effective. Your story about your family is absolutely charming. it is so beautifully written and the photos are great additions. Wonderful post!!!

  17. I think your card is so lovely....and the love of your family is beautiful too! I feel I make mistakes with my cards too but I always enjoy the process and the fact that I am making it with love! Your card is definitely made with love and is button-licious! :)

  18. Your card is so beautiful and the sentiments and story behind it are full of family love! I too question my creations after they are done....I could have done this or that better etc. but it is the love with which we make them that matters most! Your card is full of love and I see that beauty and no imperfections myself!

  19. Im not sure what you think went wrong but I think it looks great! It is so full of love but I think we all give ourselves a hard time about our work when really it is good!


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