Friday, March 25, 2011

Going To The Fair

For the March Blog Hop we are challenging you to use embroidery floss in a fun and inventive way on
your project.  This could include stitching, wrapping it around and tying it like ribbon, braiding, accenting
tags, embroidered patterns or anything else you can dream up!  We look forward to seeing your

When I first saw the challenge PTI posed for this month...

I was a little stumped...

maybe because it was late and I didn't really read it...

but when I went back to it...

I knew exactly what I was going to do.


I kind'a knew.

Cross stitch.

Until my youngest was born...

I crossed stitched quite a bit...

but that 4th one...

there's just too much to do to devote the time that a cross stitch piece requires.

Maybe when the kids are older...

So I knew cross stitch...

and I automatically thought of Lisa Johnson's vintage card during this month's release...

loved how she used the Twinkle, Gingham and Flower Fusion #2 on it...

it just struck a chord with me.

So I very impatiently waited on my new goodies...

and I don't think I've ever looked forward to release delivery as much as this one...

knowing there was something I was actually going to do with it in advance.

So I get my goodies and prepare to start stamping...

and realize I don't know where to go once I actually get the background done.

I'm stumped.


So then...

just started pulling sets and working with colors...

cutting dies...

and realized I knew where my colors...

my patterns...

my layout were going.

I was going to the fair.

I make no secret that Pure Poppy is my favorite color...

I want to use it on everything...

and in it I saw the color of candied apples...

I saw the blue of cotton candy...

in Spring Rain.

Then the yellow glow of the midway lights lighting the night in Harvest Gold...

I saw the calico...

 the gingham...

the buttons...

the crocheted lace...

of handmade creations entered for the coveted...

1st Place blue ribbon prize.

The tickets...

you hand over to ride the rides...

like the Tilt-A-Whirl...

or the Ferris Wheel...

All of these things came together in my minds eye to create this...

I went to the fair...

and I had fun...

hope you did too.

The Details:
All Supplies PTI unless noted
Cardstock: Pure Poppy, Spring Rain, Harvest Gold
Stamper's Select, Kraft
Stamps: Flower Fusion #2, Gingham, Just The Ticket,
Button Boutique
Dies: Doily Details, Button Boutique, Button #2,
Just The Ticket
Ink: Memento, PTI Tea Stain Duo, SU
Misc: vintage lace, denim, pin


  1. Adorable card, Renee! I used to cross-stitch too! Are you sure you're not my long lost sister! Lol! Your card turned out great! Love the patterned background you made. You balanced everything together perfectly. You did a great job with the denim ribbon.

  2. Renee this is so cute! Love that you based your card on the fair! It's just really adorable!!

  3. Bright and cheerful! Simply fabulous.

  4. Wow, Renee! This card is just stunning! I LOVE how you have the tickets peeking out from under the button card. And the stitching is simply perfect! I LOVE it!!!

  5. Beautifully done! I love the "fair" theme, the happy colors, the cross stitching, and most of all, the denim bow!

  6. Hi! This really does evoke the feeling of a country fair.

  7. So cute! I never mastered the art of cross-stitch so I'm quite envious!

  8. Wow, incredible! That must have taken forever to stitch! Love the colors and layout, too--thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Wow, incredible! Must have taken forever to do the stitching. I love the colors and layout, too!

  10. Renee, this is really, really good. Did I say really? The cross stitching looks really good with the gingham, the buttons are adorable, the flowers, the lace and the denim ribbon you made makes for such an interesting card. You just put so much effort and card into all your cards and your blog posts. How great to think of the fair and all those pictures to go with it. Great job, my friend.

  11. I used to be a full-time cross-stitcher, before my eyes got old. (lol) So I appreciate a bit of cross-stitching! You captured the fair in every possible detail. Beautiful! ;-)

  12. How totally ADORABLE!!! Your post has made me want to go to a fair ;)

  13. Your cross stitch looks fabulous with the gingham! I used to LOVE to cross stitch and thus have oodles of floss. Love the stuff. You painted such a great picture that I fell in love with your card even before I saw it! Beautiful job!

  14. lovely card and post! i've been working on the same cross-stitch piece for the last four years - i guess i'd better get it finished before i have kids - it doesn't sound like i'll have the time or inclination to after!

  15. What a fun post, now I can't wait for carnivals to start!

  16. Great job, Love all the different elements especially the cross stitching, I use to do a lot of that too.

  17. How brill is that! Love it and the whimsical take from all your inspirations!

  18. Stunning card! I am amazed at your talent for pulling so much inspiration into one card and making it look fabulous!

  19. Thanks for taking us all to the Fair. Your card is adorable - so bright and happy like a day on the midway.

  20. I love how you told your story...fabulous...and all the details of this card are wonderful!

  21. So cheerful, love the gingham! And the blue tickets!

  22. Your posts are always so fun and the reward so amazing. All of the details and pictures from the fair really create a wonderful picture and lead to a great card with so many details. Love all the layers and of course all of those festive colours!! Thanks for the ride!!

  23. Love your theme! What a FUN idea for a card. Great job with all the fabulous details and your stitching is amazing. Lots of love put in this card!!

  24. It's a very fun card! Thanks for taking us through your creative process, that was fun too. Love the bright colours.

  25. This is adorable, Renee! I love the colors,the patterns, the blue jean ribbon...oh just everything about it!

  26. What a fun card, Renee! I feel like I went to the fair myself after reading your post ;o) TFS, Sweetie!

  27. What a fun card! I love the bright colors and how you combined everything on it. Certainly a fun trip to the fair!

  28. What a story, what a card! Lots of great details on this one!

  29. Great card. I love the country feel.

  30. Such a pretty card Renee. Love the colors, the ticket, teh cross stitches... and the story. :o)

  31. I must agree with others that this card has a country feel to and is lovely!

  32. Very cute Renee. Love the fun bright colors. :)

  33. This is adorable and your stitching adds perfection.

  34. Very cute and colorful card! I like the cross stitching and your use of frayed denim for the ribbon. Your button card is cute with those hand-made gingham buttons. Fun post, too! :)

  35. Renee, I love your little inspiration trip to the fair. It was totally worth it. Your card is fun, bright, cheerful, and refreshing!

  36. A fun card, and a fun blog post, too! yay!!

  37. what a fun combo of elements!!! :)

  38. Gorgeous card and love your story about how you created it and all the inspiration! Such fun!

  39. Doesn't get much more FUN than this! I love where your thoughts took you! Great card!

  40. It's so much more fun creating when you have a great visual and story in your head. Love the frayed denim ribbon.


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