Monday, March 28, 2011

Make It Monday #8

It's Monday!

Time for another...

over at Papertrey Ink.

This week the challenge is ink blending techniques...

check out the post here.

And here is my card...

Quickie post...

most of the kiddies are on Spring Break this week...

and I have a mountain of laundry...

and somehow...

I managed to give life to the most destructive little guy...



standing right in front of me yesterday...

just started drawing on the kitchen wall.

I plead the 5th on what I told him...

just know he stopped...

and ran.

But it will never compare to the day when both of the boys were much younger...

and you know that moment in Poltergeist when she turns around and all the chairs are stacked up and she kind'a screams...?

Yeah...had one of those moments when I walked into my kitchen one afternoon and saw lifesize SpongeBob's drawn around the perimeter of my kitchen nook.

And no...

of course it wasn't with washable marker...

Mr. Clean would take that right off.


They managed to do it in dry erase marker...

and 15 coats of paint later...

you can still faintly see SpongeBob.

Right now..

they're quiet...

gotta go!

The Details
All supplies PTI unless noted:
Cardstock: Kraft, Stamper's Select
Stamps: YOF Gladiolus, Daffodil
Ink: Momento, Copic
Twine: PTI


  1. This is beautiful, not only the coloring, but the way you shaded the background. If you don't get tweeted tonight, I will be shocked. I love how you always get going right away with your MIM cards. Funny story about the kids too.

  2. This is beautiful! I'm impressed with how quickly you were able to put together a card for the challenge. I'm still working on mine. =)

  3. Really pretty card! And, I totally feel for ya with the little guy! :) My youngest is 5 with ASD and a boy. Love him more than anything, but I've definately had those moments, too! Good luck over spring break :)

  4. Gorgeous, Renee! Love that spotlight of yellow right behind the flower. And, what a great job of coloring you did on the flowers.

    Love your stories about the boys. When our youngest was 2 years old, she marked up several bedroom walls with a black dry erase marker before she was caught. I took a picture of her trying to scrub them off with a Mr. Clean Eraser. I feel your pain! Luckily, my kids are past that stage. Now, if I can only get them to put their dirty socks in the hamper and off the floor!

  5. Such a pretty card! Great job with the challenge!

  6. Gorgeous card using the MIM technique! I hope to play this week :)

  7. Very beautiful! Love the background. It looks so good against the flower color.

  8. Stunning card Renee, and funny story about your boys. I bit of a relief to know my boys aren't the only ones!! LOL. I haven't even watched the MIM video--just started checking what people had posted, and yours was the first to stand out for me!

  9. What lovely shading, Renee! I love how deep you made the colors--not just the shading but the flowers too. It makes your card just POP!

    I feel for you and your custom Sponge Bob kitchen! :-D

  10. Beautiful, Renee! I LOVE the fact that you made a sun! SO, SO pretty.

  11. LOVE your gorgeous card Renee! Your coloring is superb!

    Your story reminds me of when my daughter was younger, and we were selling our house in AL to move to PA, and her and her little friend decided to use her bedroom wall to draw lots of pretty pictures on, AACK! I just about had a COW lol! Luckily for us a Mr. Clean Eraser took it off ;)

  12. Gorgeous card.....and love the "kiddo's" story...a great memory for later when they have their own!!

  13. What a cheery card and such skillful inking and shading. I'm glad you are smiling about the children, it will make a great scrapbook page!

  14. Beautiful card Renee! Love the vibrant colors. Simply gorgeous:)

  15. Gorgeous, Renee! Love the wonderfully happy background! And your flowers are just outstanding--so beautifully colored! Sounds like you may have a couple of budding artists there! LOL!!

  16. Hello, Sweet Renee! This card is stunning and the colors are beautiful.

  17. I saw your card go up not long after the MIM video! I don't know how you do it! I have to sit and stew a bit before an idea comes to mind. Beautiful shading!

  18. Gorgeous card and the story about your kids made me smile! :)

  19. Wow! That is so pretty! you did a great job with the coloring!


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