Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amber Ink #2


here's my 2nd AmberInk project for you!

Again I'm using digi papers...

and keeping it simple.


I'm not slacking.

I've got one more kiddie to get out of school this week...

then Mom gets to play whenever she wants!


not necessarily true...

but a girl can dream...


So did you go check out AmberInk?

This is another of their digi papers...

love the colors!

And those tiny little sprouts...

too cute!

And it is so incredibly easy...

so incredibly convenient...

once you try digi...

you will wonder how you ever survived without them!

I actually printed this as a 5x7 and why did I do that?

Because then I can print another paper on the other side and have patterned papers on 1 sheet of cardstock!!

How genius!

Now it does "shrink" your image just a bit...

but unlike using a small portion of a 12x12 sheet...

you don't lose any of the image...

and if you're making cards...

it's fabby!

And did you check the sentiment?

That's from AmberInk ...

and digi too!!

And the great thing about digi images...

you can size them to whatever size you need!



whatever size you need for the project you're working on! 


go check out AmberInk.


The Details:
Cardstock: PTI New Leaf
Patterned Paper: AmberInk
Sentiment: AmberInk
Die: PTI FF #10
Misc: ribbon, flowers


  1. Very pretty Renee! I like that paper, too!

  2. Can I please get you on our sales team? Oh wait, you already are ;)
    Love this one #2.

  3. I never even saw that paper when I was carrying the torch. It is cute! I also like that sentiment and think it would be good without seed packets, don't you think? Maybe even a seed packet made from this paper. Great job today Renee.

  4. FABULOUS Renee!!! Just FABULOUS! I ADORE digi! :) Love to make it any size I want.. AND HELLOOO it doesnt take up any space in my room... WELL til I print it.. but that is another story.. not telling hubby that.. just tell him it saves SPACE! ;)
    Have a GREAT day!!!

  5. Woah this is a great post. I love that card too. Simple is always my favorite. I can't really pull off simple, but oh girly, I appreciate those that can. Hats off to you ;)

  6. Fabulous, Renee! I just love the look of CAS and you are doing an awesome job. I agree about digital paper--so convenient and easy. I have purchased images (usually something I need it a hurry) that I can just print & color. Still haven't ventured into anything more complicated but would love to learn.

  7. Very pretty, Renee! The flowers are a perfect addition to the card with the "Grow" sentiment. Beautiful colors, too!

  8. Oh that sentiment font is just to die for! Such an elegant card.....I've never tried digi. Hmmmmm, maybe that's because I still don't have a printer! LOL Beautiful card Renee!

  9. Nice card! Love the digi paper and those cute little flowers! They make the card! Great job!


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