Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Have a Light Bulb!

Time for the May PTI Blog Hop and this month's theme is...

May is the month when many flowers finally go into full bloom after a long winter's sleep.  For the blog
hop this month we want to see your favorite take on flowers.  You can stamp backgrounds, create
custom floral embellishments, showcase unique flower center additions (buttons, rhinestones, beads,
etc...), flowers die-cut from different materials (like fabric, felt, vellum, etc...) or anything else you can
dream up!  We are looking forward to seeing all of your amazing creations!

So got my new box of PTI goodies last week...

love when goodies arrive...

really love my mailman on those days...

not so much others because he's really kind'a rude...

and inside were all those adorable fruits...

gorgeous flowers...

and my 2010 Anniversary Set!

It's my first!

And I love it.

So gorgeous...

And while trying to straighten my table...

not that it really needed it because it's not like I'm a messy and disorganized crafter...

just because it was completely covered and there was not one inch of empty space does not mean I didn't know exactly where everything was...


I work well in chaos.

You can't live my life and not adapt well to chaos.

And the secret to being successful in such conditions... 

2 of everything.

When you temporarily lose one...

go to your back up...

and pray it's where it's supposed to be. I'm attempting what some who know me would believe to be the impossible and trying to organize...

an idea hits!


it was like that.

If you had been here...

and you could actually see ideas...

you would have seen it flying at me and then proceed to *SMACK* me right-up-side the head... 

and you would have rolled on the floor in laughter.

I had a literal light bulb moment.

And there have been many times that I have personally doubted that there was even a socket up there to hold such bulbs...

or maybe it's just severely broken beyond repair...

but apparently it just doesn't work but every 20 years.

So amidst my organizing...

an oxymoron if there ever was one...

my light bulb goes off...

and I believe it was actually the sparks from such action that hit me... 

so I stopped what I was doing and this is what I did...

 What do you think?

Do you feel like you're in a doctor's office?

An accountant?

An attorney?

That's actually where the idea came from...


Not that I've recently visited any of those offices...

though as Dinky continues to grow I feel the need for an attorney on retainer could possibly be in our future...

but you know how sometimes you go into an office and you see a picture comprised of small pictures grouped together to actually form the picture?


that's what I was trying here.

I love these flowers... 

love these flowers...

and instead of cutting them out to make them "pop" because I'm not very good with scissors...

my kindergarten teacher said so...

I decided to use the Alpha Blocks die to cut and then "form" the picture.

And because I just love Nichole's denim ribbon...

used it here too.

A super easy...

super quick...

super casual card.

So...does my light bulb work...

or is it still defective?

The Details:
All Supplies PTI unless noted
Cardstock: Kraft, Stamper's Select
Stamps: Botanical Silhouettes
Dies: Alpha Blocks
Ink: Momento
Misc: denim, stick pin


  1. What a creative spin on your card! I love the textture and colors! I can't wait to get my set in the mail!

  2. LOVE this Renee!!! WOW!!! What a fabulous take on the challenge! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog!

  3. Renee, LOVE this card! LOVE the panels and the denin??? ribbon?! So CLEVER and just WONDERFUL!

  4. Love all the dimension Renee.

  5. Too funny -- your "rant", not your card! Your card is super, casually "effective" (not defective)!!! LOL!!! Always LOVE denim and the block idea was totally a "light bulb" coming on!!!

  6. Wow! That light bulb is burning bright girl. Don't you just love those moments and then to have it actually look amazing when your'e done. Beautiful card..I may just have to give this a try.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. totally crackin me up with your light bulb comments. i am soooo there with you on that!! and i can def see your inspiration and love the results!

  9. love what you did, so creative!!

  10. Beautiful!! Love how you created this! Fabulous and pretty!

  11. Really awesome what you did here! Love the inchie panels, denim trim, stick pin-- WOW!

  12. This is beautiful Renee! I love your lightbulb! I can't wait to finally ink up my set! Love how you used the alphablocks die too!

  13. This is completely amazing!! I love it!!

  14. LOVE this Renee! I am so grateful that your socket was working up there! What a great idea. Beautiful girly!

  15. Your card turned out so pretty. Great color combination...good job!!

  16. Great card!! Love the grid :)

  17. LOVE this! Your lightbulb moment is becoming my lightbulb moment - the alphablocks die to cut up a little grouping like this - the possibilities are endless. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Love it, and yes it does remind me of a picture in an office.

  19. I totally get wanting to do everything in the it. Very clean, beautiful card. I would have been intimidated by lining up those squares....

  20. Very cool! I love how you stamped the same image in the background, almost as if the painting was wrapping around to the wall!

  21. Your lightbulb moment was wonderful!
    What a great idea you had. You stamped those images so well and I love that denim ribbon with the little pin in it. Great job on the challenge.

  22. I've tried this once. It didn't work out very well for me. Your card is beautiful, the colors, the panels and the cute pin in the ribbon.

  23. Your light bulb is working just fine! Great card!

  24. I LOVE THIS! I can.not do that layout for the life of me so that is even more impressive! Beautiful card!

  25. What an amazing idea, to raise those panels with the same stamped image! Looks awesome!! And that jeans really matches the other colors! Love it!
    Hugs, Wendy

  26. What a fabulous lightbulb moment you had... because you created an amazing card! I love it!

  27. Your lightbulb is anything but dim, my dear! What a fabulous idea you had! Wonderful execution of the idea too! Does this mean there are poppies in the Anniversary set?? Squeal! Love your denim bow (but you knew that, lol!). This is such a great addition to the Hop, Renee!

  28. Awesome, Renee! Truly a great lightbulb moment! LOVE your card! Makes me think I need the alpha blocks die just so I can try this out too. Having the image in the background works great and the denim is the perfect addition.

  29. What a fabulous idea! I love the way the image is stamped down below and on the squares- love it!

  30. Love it!!! What a great idea to use the alpha block dies. I am going to have to try this now too. Thanks for the inspiration! By the way I work well in Chaos too. :)

  31. Fun and cute! Love how you put this together, just fabulous!

  32. IT WORKS IT WORKS! ;) I LOVE it Renee.. just LOVELY!! and HELLO that is how I am.. buy 2.. try to organize.. get an idea.. forget organizing and create! LOL!! (Luckily my hubby KNOWS me and how I am and STILL loves me! ;) )
    Have a GREAT day!! Happy Hopping!

  33. Another look into the creative process. Love it! Your card is super creative and lovely to look at. Great job on this challenge!!

  34. That light bulb has some serious wattage!!! Absolutely brilliant!!

  35. WOW! Absolutely love this. Love how you layered the stamped image and the squares...awesome!

  36. Awesome card! I love the design and how you created the raised stamped squares...excellent idea!

  37. Oh WOW!! What a fantastic job! I love, love, love this card!! I am all about the doctor's office decor. Well, okay, not really. lol! I had to add that just because you are so funny. I love reading your posts. You are a fantastic story teller!! And a great artist to boot!! :)

  38. Such a clever idea! The card is wonderful!

  39. Super card! Much better then 'fussy' cutting it all out. A very clean and modern approach. Great ribbon too!

  40. I LOVE IT!! it's elegant and it caught my eye in the blog hop right away though it's much more impressive in it's real size!! TFS!

  41. Fabulous!!! Love your idea with the die, the denim and how the sentiment is in red. Sentiments are so often relegated to black/brown, and this small detail in your card is SO awesome. I feel like I'm in a yoga studio, that's where I think this beauty belongs. :)

  42. WOW...Superb Card!!!!! So clean and elegant. I might have to borrow your idea.

  43. lightbulb is ON!!! what a great idea to use the die for the panels- very pretty! :)

  44. Renee I love this card. All the dimensions. It really stands out. Great job.

  45. Renee! I love this card. Boy you really had a light bulb moment. This is such a great idea. I have to tell you we will probably all be borrowing your idea:) .I kinda like working in a mess too! You hit a home run with this one. Take care.

  46. Beautiful Renee' LOVE how CAS this card is but really makes such a statement!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  47. this is one of the most stunning cards in the entire hop Renee. you should be very proud of it. I am completely in awe of it and *love* that I get to say I "know" you :)

  48. I don't remember exactly what I wrote about this but I LOVE it!!! I love it again and again! Now, I hope blogger let's me save this! LOL

  49. Renee this is truly inspired. I love it.
    Carol x


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