Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did You Remember...

I didn't.

It's Summer and I lose track of dates very quickly.

I can tell you what day it is...


sometimes I have to think about it...

but I'm pretty good at keeping up with that...

it's the dates I have problems with.

And when it came up yesterday that today was the PTI Blog Hop...

I thought to myself...


it's not time yet...

there's still another week or so..."

I had nothing!

Since they're trying something new for the next few months and giving inspirational photos as challenges...

I had glanced at it...

but not given it any thought because...


I had time!

I was in big trouble!

I'm not good with inspirational photos.

Do I use the colors...

the shapes...

the elements?

Do I give my interpretation...

or take it literally?

I never know.

So I found this challenge to be actually quite hard when I sat down last night to try and work something out...

and studied this picture way more than I think anyone ever meant for it to be studied.

Here's the photo from PTI...

via Pinterest
The colors...

the blending...

is gorgeous and my first thought was this card from Nichole Heady and PTI's countdown for the June release...
Nichole Heady
and how she blended the colors...

she totally took me to Africa.

And the first thought upon seeing this card was...

"I had a farm in Africa.
I had a farm in Africa...
at the foot of the Ngong Hills".
       Karen Blixen
     "Out of Africa"

My favorite movie...

can you tell?

Her card is breathtakingly gorgeous...

so that meant I would never be able to pull it off...

and here's what I did instead...

I did draw from the colors on the wall...

just not in the same way.

The greens to pinks to melons...

and it made me think of watermelon.

The outer, darker green blending into...

light green rind...

then pale pink that then turns to melon.

I stopped after that.

I could have had a color explosion if I had continued on with all the colors.

I kept it simple.

And though I have a hard time keeping up with dates...

I did use Erin Lincoln's idea of combining the two stamps from the new Think Big Favorites to make the word "Thanks" using selective inking...

so I am paying attention.

And those little pearls on the bottom?

I didn't mean for them to be there...

but I made a slight boo-boo right at the very end...

and instead of tearing apart and redoing the card...

I used it for an embellishment opportunity.

Every mistake is an embellishment opportunity...


Now go have fun on the hop...

can't wait to see how everyone else interpreted this challenge!

The Details:
All Supplies PTI unless noted
Cardstock: Simply Chartreuse, Spring Moss, 
Sweet Blush, Berry Sorbet, Kraft
Stamps: Tin Types, Think Big Favorites #5
Ink: Momento, PTI
Dies: Nestabilities Circles
Misc: ribbon and bling, large scalloped circle (svg from myscrapchick)

Note:  I am gathering from the comments on my last post that I am not the only one to have thought they had  "brought home" Gerard Butler... 
only to wake and discover it was actually Pee-Wee Herman.
So glad I'm not alone in this. 


  1. Renee, thats one yummy card. Love the rhinestone seeds. Very clever :)

  2. This is really cute! I had to really stare at it to figure out how you did those watermelons. Great idea! Makes them bigger and the layers of colors really are like the inspiration pic. Summery and bright, loved it.

  3. Renee I love your sweet watermelon card! I really like how you added the texture on the watermelon and the fun black seeds!

  4. How unique! Love the gradation in the rind! :) And fixing your boo-boo with embellishments... masterful!! Love ya, girl :)

  5. Love it Renee!! Beautiful as usual.

  6. I love reading your blog! I feel like I am right there with you! :) Love the card..I really like the bow on the ribbon

  7. Absolutely fab, Renee!

    Thanks for thinking of sending out a search team for me. You're sweet. I missed you!

    I love your card - the colors are so yummy together and I do love watermelon...hope everything is going well for you today!

  8. I love the watermelons. What a great take on the sketch. I, too, lost track of time. However, unlike you, I didn't pull it together. This blog hop, I am a spectator and commentator, and it's actually quite fun so far. Have a great day.

  9. This is FAB!!! I'd LOVE a slice of cold watermelon today in our sweltering SW desert summer heat, please!!!

  10. Super cute. Love the interpretation. And isn't it fun to use some of the new techniques we're learning from MIM. Great job!

  11. I love your card. :-) Summer has been a long time coming here, and seeing your fabulous watermelons makes me want to dig in! Beautiful job. ;-)

  12. Very cute! Love those watermelons!

  13. Renee, I'm so glad someone else finds inspiration photo challenges to be on the . . . challenging . . . side! What a cute card! I absolutely love your watermelon creations, esp. with their graduated colors. I agree, you should stop after green and pink, although you must admit that rainbow-colored watermelons would be awesome, LOL!) Your little black pearls look like they were meant to be there--I can relate, I think fully 1/3 of my embellishments cover boo-boos, hah! Happy June Hopping!

  14. What a lovely, yummy, summery card! Love it!

  15. Lovely juicy watermelons!! These look great, would love one right now, hi hi. Love your card!
    Hugs, Wendy

  16. Sweet, sweet card! I love that you put pattern in the melon center too!

  17. Love, love your interpretation of the inspiration picture. I thought of food too, originally (sherbet) but could not lay down color in stripes for the life of me! Your card is so cute!

  18. The watermelon looks good enough to eat. Fab job!

  19. Love it! I did watermelons too. Just something about the paper I found and the fact it is summer to boot! Very nice!

  20. Super fun card! Well done under pressure too!

  21. Renee, this card is super sweet (pun intended!). I love how you used the picture for inspiration. Love that it was NOT literal and love that you pulled it off last minute! You work well under pressure, girl!! :)

  22. Renee, I love it when people with more artistic brains than I have can take something like the inspiration picture and see the watermelon. (where I see the stripes and the cubbies, LOL) :D I think this is a wonderful card!!

  23. SO cute, Renee! I love how the watermelons look so real! The stamping and seeds are the perfect touch! Beautiful!

  24. I love your watermelon, so creative. Really lovely.

  25. LOVING the watermelons!! This is really cute!

  26. LOVE your watermelons--so clever, especially the little 'seeds'! Such a great take on the challenge. I looked at the photo before I left for our trip and honestly had no idea what I might do. Your card is fabulous and so perfect for summer!

  27. Super cute card! I love the watermelons you made. I don't know that I'd be creative enough to figure it out on my thanks for doing it for me! The seeds...what a great idea!


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