Monday, June 27, 2011

MIM #21

It's Monday.

I started Summer Card Camp today.

I'm supposed to make a card for it.

But while sitting down trying to think this morning...

I watched to new video from Nichole Heady and PTI's Make It Monday.

Did you see it?

Did you see her card?


Can you say GORGEOUS?

If you've missed it...

here it is.

I can't do that.

But I did have an idea I wanted to try.

I'm not saying it's a good idea...

but an idea all the same and I wasn't going to get anything else done until I tried it.

And since I searched everywhere and found not a single sheet of grey cardstock...

I do have silver shimmer though...

I had to wait until love-of-my-life-man-that-I-married got home so I could run to town and get some grey cardstock.

Light grey...

to be specific.

And let me tell you...

it's not easy to find in my town.

There's is not one single scrap supply store in my entire county...

not one!

Someone could make a killing by opening one here...

because the closest ones will be in Nashville or Clarksville...

depending on what side of the county you're on.

So anyway...

where did I find grey cardstock?

My Office Depot is one of only a few that have started carrying a tad bit of scrap supplies.

Imagine that?

Going to Office Depot for cardstock and patterned paper...

and glitter!

So I got it done...

I wish I could have figured out how to photograph this better...

hopefully you can just barely make out the white around the edges of the mask...

Can you  see it?

It is two different photos...

maybe if you click on it?




You'll see the boo-boos too...

just take my word for it.

But the idea comes from the technique name...


I started thinking of the old black and white Polaroids in my mother's photo albums...

and decided to try a greyscale photo.

This only my 2nd attempt at greyscale...

I need to increase my grey Copics...

and just practice.

But I kind'a like it.

It's simple...

nothing spectacular...

but I like it.

Feel free to share any ideas you think would make it better though!

The Details
All Supplies PTI Unless Noted
Cardstock: Smokey Shadow, Hawaiian Shores
Cardstock: Bazzill Basics
Stamps: YOF: Morning Glories
Ink: Momento, PTI, Copics
Ribbon: PTI
Misc: bling


  1. I just love the greyscale of this card - and the aqua pop too! But my favorite part is how you put the photo carners on the corners - genius! Love it!

  2. Hi Renee! I love how you shaded in the inside of the photo...and I started Summer Camp today but didn't make a single thing today. Because I am too tired from powerwashing the deck. But I have lofty crafty goals for day 2 of vacation...BTW, your coloring is GREAT! I am not a colorer. At all. I envy you!

  3. What a lovely card! I love the greyscale idea...and morning glories are my favorite flower (and Hawaiian Shores my fav color!), so I sure LOVE this card!

    I'm still trying to figure out how to make a card for summer card camp with all those colors on it, LOL!

  4. Renee...this is a great card! I love the greyscale you did. I'm with you on needing more grey copics. It's so hard to buy grey when there are so many beautiful colors to choose from. I'm going to give this a try though. If it turns our okay I'll post it.:)

  5. This is a great card. I love how you shaded and colored it. I haven't yet seen the MIM video, so don't know what secret tricks you used, but I like the outcome. It is a very cheery card, which I would not have expected from a gray flower.

  6. The grayscale Renee makes it look like a handrawn sketch--beautiful!

  7. I love your card. Grey was a great idea. Your commentary is pretty good too.

  8. Very nice, Renee! I love the "black-and-white" take on the challenge, and the pop of aqua looks great for the card base.

  9. Oh, I love it, Renee! The "black and white" is perfect! And the photo corners are a great touch to make it truly look like a polaroid.

  10. I love your grey cardstock story! This turned out beautifully Renee. I love the grey tones so much. I agree with another commenter that it appears handrawn!

  11. Renee! This is gorgeous!! Very beautiful!

  12. This is stunning! I love it! Well done Renee!

  13. i'm amazed you were able to last all day with this playing thru your mind! it's lovely. the color palette is gorgeous and i like your coloring :)

  14. So beautiful! Love the greyscale, it's so striking, and I've never seen that on a card ever before!

  15. Stunning! Love the greyscale--and the photo corners--what fun! As someone said, it does look like an original drawing. Such an original idea for this challenge--great job!

  16. The grayscale coloring is amazing, you did a wonderful job. Love the corners. Beautiful card Renee.

  17. This is amazing Renee! You did a great job with the grayscale. I'm still intimidated to try it. Maybe your card will inspire me.

  18. Very pretty!!!! Beautiful coloring!!!


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