Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Waltzing...

Isn't that logo just the cutest?

Today I'm waltzing for the very first time.


I don't dance...

at all.

Maybe it's because I have the grace of a blind cross-eyed hippo on a 10 day drunk...

and I would love to say I do it the protect the safety of the innocent...

but in all honestly...

it's to protect my self pride.

Because I actually love dancing!

I do it all the time!

When I'm home...

by myself.

And just a little TMI...

I also sing.

In my world...

Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) doing a little Thin Lizzy...

has nothing on me.

Linkin Park "In the End"...

Chester only wishes he could sing it as good as I do.

And don't even get me started on some Pat Benatar...

I hit her high notes perfectly.

And since I'm home alone...

I also get to hide all evidence of broken objects before anyone returns and discovers what I've been doing.

But as for dancing...

we'll just go with the idea of me not dancing publicly to protect the innocent so I'll seem like a good person...


So today is literally my very first waltz...

and I'm still limited on my Waltzingmouse stamps...

but am correcting that in just a bit...

going to be placing my first order!

My friend Cathy (EmptyNestCrafter) didn't know I've been dying for some and placed an order with someone else this month...

but on the 1st we're placing an order together and I can't wait!

Until then though she has graciously offered to stamp me off some of her images to use until I get mine...


but they weren't here in time for the Waltz so I've tried to use what I have...

no great shakes...

but I've tried.

I saw this card on Pinterest...
Isn't that gorgeous?

Loved how she used the candle.

And since the waltz theme was birthday party...

and I'm limited...

I did this...

I was having problems with Photoshop...

I told you I was going to learn how to use it but apparently I'm not doing too good...

so this was the best I could do for now.

This card is also my very first time sewing on paper!

I actually failed sewing in high school...


no lie...

I did...

so this was an accomplishment for me.


I made those flowers!!

All by myself.

Don't laugh at them.

But a lot of "first's" with this one...

first waltz...

first sewing...

first rolled roses!


And since I'm done now...

won't you join me in "waltzing" off to see how everyone else dances?

The Details:
Cardstock: PTI Vintage Cream, Pure Poppy
Patterned Paper: EP For the Record
Stamps: Waltzingmouse Fancy Phrases
Ink: Momento
Die: Nestabilities Classic Oval
Misc: pearls


  1. Beautiful, love the rolled flowers and colourful paper.

  2. LOL!!! Renee - I just loved reading your post - you'ver brighten my morning!

    And your card is just lovely. The candle and rolled roses are super. Great card.

    Thank you x

  3. Ha-ha--very cute card and I loved the waffling!

  4. This is divine, Renee. Love the bowed candle...what a great image.

  5. Great first at every thing. Your card is amazing and the candle is a fab, creative idea.

  6. You did a great job! Your card is lovely.

  7. With all your firsts you still ended up with one fantastic card! Great colors! And the candle is a superb idea.

  8. Ach, you did fine for the first time...I'm not computer literate either - nor camera literate as everyone reading this will know but I soldier on....the first of many times for you posting here....just wait until you get those stamps!

  9. Renee, I love your flowers!! and I love the colours, a fabby birthday card! I think stitching always adds to a card! it's one of my fave things to do! Thank you so much for waltzing along with us!!

  10. FABULOUS!!! Love your version! Such a perfect BD card!

  11. Wow, you did great on that first stitching! This is a beautiful card and I love it. The rolled flowers are so perfect for this card with single candle. Pretty soon we will have tons of stamps to work with for these waltzes, won't we?

  12. Fabulous, Renee! I love all the details-your flowers are wonderful, the patterned paper so bright & happy, and the candle is a great idea. Awesome job!!

  13. So glad you joined us Renee! love your fun b'day card with the beribboned candle! what fun paper and wonderful flower!

  14. Love your card, the candle is a great touch! The flowers are great too!

    Chris L.

  15. my first waltz too! I love your card its so cute :-)

  16. LOVE the idea of a bday candle in the card.. how cute.

  17. Renee, this is a sweet card and a great take on the inspiration. Love the rolled roses and the patterned paper. Well done. Enjoy your new stamps when you get them!

  18. Where do you start with this beauty ..... other then I will be taking this idea and running with it at full speed!!! Love the paper you have on here and the rolled roses ..... one of my favorites..... is just perfect. Totally FABBY CARD!! Were you in my sewing class ?? We use to have to wear what we made in class ...... thankfully my mom knew that my sewing was bad and would check me out of school after that class ...... PAINFUL ...... and the fabric of one of my shirts that my mom got for me ...... YIKES!!! I love to dance and sing too ....... when no one is looking :) I am bad to the bone and not in a good way...

  19. Oh my loving these creations...simply beautiful

    Happy Waltzing

    Ali x

  20. great take on the inspiration card

  21. Welcome to your first waltz! You dance beautifully. I love the little candle and your rolled roses.

  22. Hahahaha... I sing just as well as you do!! And I *know* I could kick Beyonce's butt with my dancing... ask my one year old who loves to boogy with me! hahahaha...

    Nice work with your first everything, and doing such a great job with it all!

  23. Renee.......Your card is adorable. Love that simple candle in the middle idea......and the stitching, just perfect. You would never know you hadn't done it before. Keep dancing and hitting those high notes, g/f!

  24. I'm a newbie with the sewing machine too Renee so well done for jumping out of your comfort zone. You are so funny and I love reading your blog. This is an amazing card.
    Carol x

  25. It's a beautiful card: congrats on all your firsts!! I think you did a great job!! And I have trouble with the photos and getting them to looke good also: I probably need a class since I'm not in the "computer generation" :-)

  26. Ok. I just bought 80 birthday candles at the Dollar Tree. Now I may need to go get more because this will now become my new favorite embellishment. Great card!!

  27. What a fun card (yes, I'm just a wee bit late finish the waltz, lol!) Congrats on all of your firsts and I'm especially glad you waltzed along with us!! :)

  28. You may have noticed by now that I'm trying to catch up in my Google Reader...I seriously need to stop by your blog on a more regular basis. I love reading your posts! I feel like I 'know' you, even though I don't really 'know' you...'know' what I mean? ;) Anywho. Lovely the rolled the candle. And P.S. I forgot to mention this on your challenge post, but you have some killer talent and I love having you as a fellow 'doll'!


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