Sunday, March 25, 2012

PTI March Blog Hop


It's been a while since I've been able to participate in one of these...
I've missed it too!
How did I...
the woman who has nothing to do...
get so busy that I never have time for anything?
Go figure!

So this month when I saw this inspiration photo...

ideas started firing inside the brain.
Maybe it was the colors...
so bright and cheerful...
maybe it was the gorgeous ribbons and bows...
maybe it was the fabulous bold patterns...
but if I were you I would honestly lay my money on the fact that there was candy involved in this one...
and nothing inspires me to action like a good dose of sugar!
OK...caffeine actually does it but candy is really running a close 2nd!

So here's what I came up with after receiving my new goodies earlier this week...

I know...
you're thinking "that's a lot of red for a picture that's comprised of yellow and aqua"...
if you look closely...
the Now and Laters have red on their wrapping...
and even though I just now justified that point by scanning the photo with a magnifying glass...
I just really felt it needed a little "punch" so I just did my thing and went with red.
And I also know that I have previously discussed...
on a few occasions...
my color associations and aversion to using red and yellow together...
how it looks like ketchup, mustard and Ronald McDonald...
but I felt the aqua balanced it and actually made it look a little less like a condiment station.
Does that sound like a professional explanation...
How about...
it was the colors in the paper and I just really love this paper so...

I used my new PTI Card Base-ics Scallop for this one...
I couldn't pick between the two and bought both...
to me the scallop says more "girl"...
the ticket corner says more "boy"...
and since I have a couple of each...
saved myself any decision making and got both because when these babies came up during previews...
and I was so not prepared for them...
I died!
You know...
there's just some things in life that are necessity...
and I believe these may just be a couple of those things!

I also used PTI's new Birthday Tags...
I died!
Love the poster typography that Nichole has been using lately in so many of her sets...
gets me every time...
and this set was no exception!

One last thing...
you can see where the ribbon runs behind the sentiment and comes out through an eyelet...
but please don't think I left it looking like that on the backside...
I adhered it to a card base and then just rounded the corners...
easy, peasy perfection! :)

I know there's lots of other really great cards and projects to oogle so I will let you be on your way...
and besides if you're still reading this...
God bless you...
you need a break!
And for sticking it out this long...
I'm going to go fill out your application for sainthood right now...

The Details:
Stamps: PTI 2012 Birthday Tags, Inside & Out: Birthday (not shown)
Cardstock: PTI Stampers Select, Lemon Tart and Aqua Mist
Pattrened Paper: October Afternoon Sidewalks
Dies: PTI Card Base-ics Scallop, Limitless Layers Ovals
Ribbon: PTI Pure Poppy
Misc: bling, eyelet, PTI button and linen thread 


  1. Very pretty, Renee! I love how you used the Card Base-ics!

  2. LOVE this card - the papers you used, the ribbon, the design - great job! I really wish I made a card, but I'm snuggling my new niece while her mama gets some much-needed rest...

  3. Oh October Afternoon papers, how I love thee...and you, too, Renee :) This card is so sweet and your red accents are the cherry on top! See? SO far from ketchup! Love that birthday label image with the sunny pinked edge! The whole post from top to bottom makes me smile :)

  4. I love the red..what a nice job you have done!

  5. beautiful renee!! love the paper and you ribbon treatment!

  6. You lucky girl to have all those new goodies! I will contain my envy and tell you how much I like your card with the cheery red ribbon that really sets everything off.
    Carol x

  7. Renee......I absolutely love your card with the hint of red in it. I can't wait to get my 2012 tags, should be here this week!

  8. Ronald McDonald *snicker* The card is fabulous, so cheerful and happy - just like the inspiration. I always love finding a "little pop of color" from the inspiration to use as my accent and I am totally loving that you went with the red. Great job.

    P.S. I'll be looking for my sainthood award. hehe

  9. And here I thought Patron was first on the list? I think that the Lemon Tart keeps you away from McDonald's or as my children call it ...... ready ....... Old McDonald .... they crack me up........ MOMMY ........ can we go out to Old McDonald? Which works out well when the Star Wars toys are there because when they ask everyday at the club no one knows what they are really asking for. I buy them all on Ebay ....... bulk price. Back to reality your card is so beautiful and I did not get those dies and now I am kicking myself ....... thankfully there is plenty for me to kick LOL !!!

  10. This is beautiful! i love how lots of the elements are rounded. And your cheery post made me smile too :) Thanks!

  11. What a beautiful card Renee! I love that pop of red! :)

  12. Ketchup and musturd and McDonald's, that is so funny! One of our neighbors painted their house musturd yellow and I think of Weinerschnitzel every time I drive by! Your card is so pretty, love that scalloped card die and how creative to pull the ribbon from the eyelet. That was so smart and adds such an interesting touch. Love the patterned paper too.

  13. Renee what is not to LOVE about your card. The hint of red is perfect and you created such a yummy masterpiece. Inspired as always by you. ;)

  14. No McDonalds here!! Such a pretty card and I love the way you used card basics!

  15. Love this and the red bow. I saw how the ribbon runs behind great idea. Mc Donald's too funny! Didn't think I needed these , now your making me rethink !

  16. Lol! I really enjoyed reading your post! And I think that red touch is just perfect :)

  17. Great choice of papers. I love October Afternoon DP. Fantastic!

  18. The patterned paper background certainly does not make me think of 'condiments"!! It's a great backdrop to your sentiment panel and that big beautiful red ribbon and bow!! Just gorgeous!!

  19. Ohhh, Renee,your card is just beautiful! Love the pp and your ribbon treatment is amazing!

  20. Oh Renee!!! What a pretty card!! I love the colors and the pop of red totally makes me smile!!!

  21. LOVE it!
    The ribbon through the card base-ics die is genius!

  22. I absolutely love this! You are so smart to have found that red in the picture. It really gives your card that extra punch. So happy I got those birthday tags, but am now sad I didn't spring for those Base-ics dies.

  23. This is fabulous! I don't see condiment station at all- so I guess the aqua worked! :D

  24. So pretty, pretty Renee! And you are totally justified in getting both of the card base-ics dies since you have a couple of each, lol!

  25. Well, I definitely got a good giggle out of your 'condiment station' reference! Lol. I do love your card and all the new goodies on it! I love your addition of red and how you put the ribbon through the eyelet! I certainly need to use eyelets more! beautiful card, Renee!

  26. I love your vertical position on the Card Base-icks. Another idea for me to try. Really lovely card.

  27. So beautiful and I love, love that addition of the red ribbon. And I too am very happy that I ordered the birthday tags and ovals too! Such a fabulous card Renee, but then all of your cards are awesome!

  28. Love your card! The red is the perfect accent!

  29. Wow gorgeous! You have a great blog and I love your profile description! I'm a stay-in-the-car mom too, lol! :)

  30. So not a condiment station, lol! Thank goodness you got past your ketchup and mustard aversion:) Your card is fantastic! I absolutely love the eyelet with the ribbon coming through. And I'm so jealous of the new birthday stamps! That gingham one is my fave!! Have a super Sunday Renee!

  31. You're so funny. ;-) Love your commentary.

    And your card is so lovely! You've made such nice use of the new supplies, and I really like that pop of red with the yellow and aqua. It's a perfect touch. ;-) Nice job!

  32. Adorable-I love the big red bow! Red is the perfect complement to the yellow and aqua. Great job. :)

  33. Gorgeous card.
    The pattern paper is darling.
    Love the bow. The big red button is perfect. You've inspired me to use my big buttons.
    I love reading your blog. You are so great with words.

  34. Oh well done! Love the new tucked in look~

  35. So pretty, Renee! I love those colors with red!

    I used the same tag--great minds, right?!

  36. Fabulous, Renee! Love the look you get with the Card Base-ics (and I thought I wouldn't need these!)--and I adore the gingham birthday tag! Glad you decided to add the red--it makes a great accent color and how creative to have the ribbon coming through the eyelet!

  37. Loved reading your fun!! What a pretty card. This paper is one of my favs and I love that you've picked up the red and had a run with it!! Great project ;)

  38. Great card! I didn't notice the red but now I see it. Love your use of card basics and the red ribbon.

  39. Renee, first of all, your blog post cracked me up. Funny how you correlate color to McDonalds. In all seriousness, your card is beautiful and the red really adds pizzaz. Waiting for the new birthday tag set to arrive.

  40. Aww Renee, this is so sweet :) I love the floral paper, and that great oval tag!!

  41. Gosh. I don't even know what to say. Your card is beautiful, but your writing gets me every time.

    You bought a lot from the last release and put it all to good use. My box is still sitting on my chair...opened, but just sitting there.

    And like you have 'nothing' to do. Ha.


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