Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's a Party!!

I know it's not the 17th...
but due to the passing of Claire's beautiful mum last week...
our party was delayed just a bit.
And so now we're hoping that this party will bring a little smile to our lovely Claire...
and we would love for you to join us!
Don't worry...
there's time to get your project finished and posted...
we're on for the next 24 hours!
And you can get all the details from Claire's blog here in case you missed it!

The theme this month was felt/cozy fabric...
and it was a challenge for me to come up with something because I don't use a lot of felt...
maybe I should...
but I think my choice should still count because I did pick it up in a quilting shop and what's more cozy than a quilt?

My new goodies arrived last week and couldn't resist pulling out the new Half Pint Heroines for this one...
especially after I found this incredible fabric at a local quilting shop that just has balloon written all over it!
So I stamped the balloon portion onto the fabric...then adhered it to a sheet of cardstock to give it a little more sturdiness...
and then cut it out and popped it onto another stamped image on what was to become the card front!
Everything is from Half Pint Heroines...
even the clouds...
though I do wish you could see the light blue Copic I used on them a bit better...
they look stunning in real life...
trust me!

And the sentiments in this set...
I just smile every time I see them because Claire managed to capture a mother's heart with each one.
And my heart actually had my daughter in mind when doing this.

She's in a class with around 500 other kids and earlier in the year the entire 8th grade took the ACT Explorer...
which is a prelude to the ACT that they'll take in a few years and is used as a benchmark for how well they can be expected to perform on the actual ACT...
you're supposed to add 4 points to the score and that will give an minimum indication of what they can expect to receive on the full test their junior year.
And out of the 500 kids in her class only 19 scored a 22 or higher...24 being the highest...and she was one of them.
They were recognized earlier in the year with photos being placed of them in the main hallway with each of their scores...
she scored 22...
a full page devoted to them in the yearbook...
and during awards last week they were recognized again with gifts from the college that they hope to someday attend...
she chose Vanderbilt.
Now she's already taken the full ACT...
she took it last year along with juniors and seniors when she was barely 13 through Duke University's TIP program...
and had a composite score of 20 then...
with no studying or coaching...
no preparation of any degree.
Can you tell that I'm just slightly a very proud mom?
She's a really great kid...
and so the inside of this card reads...
"And she could do anything...
and I was so proud of her".
Because she can...
and I am.

OK...I've kept you long enough...
you know moms!
But I know that there's so many other incredibly inspirational stops along the way...
so off you go and I will see you there!

The Details:
Stamps: Waltzingmouse Half Pint Heroines
Cardstock: PTI Stamper's Select
Misc: fabric, Copics


  1. Love it, Renee! I love your coloring! That fabric is the perfect balloon! Your daughter is so beautiful!!! You should be so proud! What a smart girl!

  2. This is a wonderful card. I love that fabric balloon. And, no wonder you are so proud of your daughter--beauty and brilliance--what more could a gal want?

  3. Hi Renee - What a great card! I love how colorful it is! A beautiful quilted balloon to carry you away!! I loved reading about your daugher - you have good reason to be proud - you done good girl!!!

  4. I agree Renee, that fabric screams hot air balloon! Very cute card, and lovely story about your daughter!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter, how exciting! Your card is just beautiful and I am glad to know that I am not the only one who forgot she had a felt stash! I share with Joyce and really have no excuse, I'm thinking of putting it in a basket on my desk to reminder me. I am in love with your quilt, so fun and festive and I would like to order one just like that, you have my address. Great card!

  6. Such wonderful news about your beautiful daughter! Congrats ! It is your job to brag a bit of the many blessing you have been blessed with :) So go ahead! I would too.
    Love your bright card and the perfect fabric you used. It sure does scream balloon! This is such a great sentiment for your daughter’s.

  7. WOW!!! Your card is absolutely WONDERFUL and how well the stamping came out on your balloon. So happy, bright and cheerful - LOVE your card! + I'm in love with those heroines!!!

    Hugs, Karin

  8. Congratulations to your daughter! You can be proud of her! Your card is beautiful, love the felt of your balloon!

  9. This is beautiful! I love the bright fabric, and the layout is so sweet :) Your daughter is beautiful and totally smart!! She will love this card :)

  10. I love the beautiful material you 'made' your hot air balloon out of Renee!! and BIG congrats to your beautiful daughter - what an achievement for her!!

  11. First, Haley is so pretty...and smart too! I know how proud you and Patrick must be. Your card is so touching, the beautiful fabric and the great sentiment. I can see the subtle shading on the clouds too. I hope you have her read this post, she will feel so good to see how many people are reading about the way her mom feels about her.

  12. You have every right to be proud of your daughter...and your card! Both are stunning! I would never have guessed the balloon was fabric - I thought you had done some kind of fancy stamping technique!

  13. Love your take on the hot air balloon - the fabric is perfect!!!

    I can see why you're so proud of your daughter - not only is she clever, but beautiful too! Hugs x

  14. Oh my goodness, Renee. You have every right to be a proud momma. What a little Einstein you have there.

    Love your card and that fabric IS the perfect pattern for this adorable balloon. Amazing talent must run in your side of the family!

  15. love how you colored that balloon!! congrats to your daughter!!

  16. Oh my goodness! You should be proud of your daughter - always pick proud - and I love your cozy quilted balloon - so unique and fun!

  17. Oh that fabric is SO perfect for the balloon, Renee! It just makes your card POP off of my screen. You paper pieced it in so well, it almost looks like coloring with markers! (Do love how you shaded with copics...I can see it! I can see it! :) Your daughter is just beautiful, and you SHOULD be so proud! What an achievement...and only in 8th grade? WOW!

  18. Oh Renee, your card is Beautiful!! I LOVE the fabric you used, it's perfect for the balloon. SO Gorgeous!! Congrats to your daughter, too! A lovely photo of her. Have a great weekend!

  19. Gorgeous fabric balloon Renee, your card is incredible. A huge congratulations to your daughter for her accomplishment and to you too for your excellent parenting skills. -hugs

  20. what a great balloon you created and not to mention the amazing daughter you have.

  21. So cute Renee! LOVE your colorful hot air balloon! Looks stunning! Your daughter is a beautiful girl!

  22. Oh, I LOVE your balloon--you did an awesome job! The fabric is the perfect choice! What a wonderful card for an incredible daughter. She is just beautiful and obviously quite bright too so you & Patrick can be very proud. Looks like she looks like her mom too!

  23. Love the rainbow balloon, Renee! She will love it too! 24 hours??? maybe I will try to jump in in the morning!

  24. Wow, that balloon is just gorgeous! What a perfect card. And great news about your daughter - smarty pants, just like mom. :)

  25. Cute card! Your daughter is very fortunate to have a mom who is not afraid to brag just a bit! She deserves it!

  26. Get out, Renee! That balloon is soooo amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on these babies!
    Speaking of *babies*, yours is certainly growing up to be a wonderful young lady! You should definitely be proud of her!

  27. What a super balloon! I love the bright colors and it absolutely counts! I can't wait to get my new stamps!!

  28. Oh, Renee, you are so justified in being proud of your girl. But you can also be proud of that amazing card! It is just so stinkin' cute!!

  29. Fantastic card Renee! It is just so sweet:). That fabric is perfect as a hot air balloon!

    Your story about your daughter made me tear up a bit (I'm a big crybaby, lol). I could feel your mommy pride and love:).

  30. I'm probably going to have to break down and get that set (we have the original and love it). Love the bright colored ballon.

  31. the fabric is perfect for the balloon!

  32. You're right--that fabric's just perfect for the hot air balloon! Congratulations to your daughter on her achievements. They're definitely something both of you should be proud of!

  33. Renee, not only is your card beautiful but so is your daughter. And to also be such a good kid and very bright besides ~ you have every right to be so proud…and brag a little bit. Congrats to her and best of luck as she tackles her next challenge!


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