Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Party Time!

Not only is today Father's Day here in the States...
but it's also Blog Party with Waltzingmouse Stamps in blogland!
It's always such a fun day...
full of inspiration...
and this month we were challenged with a photo and color challenge...
check out this beauty...

Don't you just love the colors?

Now 1st...
par for me...
I have trouble with anything more than 3 colors so this really was a challenge...
and am I the only one who has this problem?
I'm a professional procrastinator.
if it was an actual job title...
I could be hired on the spot!
It's a very rare event for me to be ahead of the game on anything...
even when I plan...
I'm still screeching in at the last minute!
So even though I've had an idea since the picture was posted on the 1st...
I had 17 days!
To a professional like me...
that's like...
a lifetime!
So I planned to wait until yesterday to actually do it...
and then...
had the mother of all migraines!
You would think I would also learn to plan for these glitches right?
That sometimes things just go wrong and you should always be prepared?
that's just not the way I roll.
And not only was it just a migraine...
hubby had taken the last Advil a few days ago and that person who is responsible for doing the shopping...
she forgot to pick up more at the grocery so not an aspirin, Tylenol or Advil in the house...
and hubby was out all day having some fun while I was on my deathbed writhing in pain.
I think that person should be grounded and told to stay in her room all by herself and let someone else do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry until she learns her lesson and remembers to actually take the shopping list with her!

So my procrastination/migraine led to this...

How could I not use Asian Gardens?
Those branches of blossoms...
they said Asian Gardens.
I cut panels to represent the panels on the wall...
and I managed to work in all the colors though I know I am severely challenged in this area...

kept you long enough and now you need to hop off and see all of the inspiring creations everyone has for you!
There's still time to link up your creations...
this party is 24 hrs of inspiration...
so no worries if you've procrastinated too and hope to see you along the way!

And I also hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with all the Dads, Husbands, Grandfathers, Uncles...
all the men in your life!

The Details:
Stamps: Waltzingmouse Asian Gardens
Cardstock: PTI Hawaiian Shores, Aqua Mist, Bazzill Thunderstorm, WP9 White
Misc: bling


  1. This is fabulous my dear...I find it hard to believe that this kind of creativity can come out of a migraine headache, so I'm in total AWE of your determination to play along. Such a lovely design the way your three sections are split! I sure hope your headache is better. {{Hugs}}

  2. I love this. I thought of Asian Gardens too, and then wished I had it. ha ha. This is the card I would have made if I had that set. Well, maybe times will change. And, you did a great job with the colors. I wonder why you made a 'feel better' card--I hope you gave it to yourself.

  3. Beautiful card, Renee!! I love this stamp set and used the same for this party!

  4. Renee - hope you are feeling better and enjoying Father's day! Your card is beautiful and inspired. I like how you embraced the clean lines of the molding on the walls in the photo and turned it into an asian themed card! Well done!

  5. This is so pretty! Love how you incorporated the panels in the photo into your design.

  6. SO beautiful, Renee! You work magic with the Asian Gardens set. LOVE the popped up blooms and the lovely sketch that you created. Methinks that this would be a wonderful one to submit to a certain sketch challenge blog for all the world to see, heeee! So sorry you weren't feeling well can't tell for a second that this design was made "last minute", although that's when a card often turns out the best!

  7. WOW!!! Your card is so elegant ans sweet at the same time- LOVE it - you just made me wish I had that set - maybe time for a new order!!!
    Have a wonderful day, hugs, Karin

  8. Hi Friend!!!!!

    LOVE how you used the paneling from the photo in your card...I wanted to go that direction but was at a total loss of how to do that. And you cut all those blooms?! Just WOW. You've layered them all perfectly and the entire card is magic!

  9. I love it! The panels looks great! And I love the blossoms!

  10. I agree, this inspirational photo shouts Asian Gardens! Lovely CAS card, great clean lines :)

  11. Love this! Asian garden was the first set I thought of when I saw the challenge but unfortunately I do not own it! You did a great job on this card!

  12. Can you please send some of your mojo my way! I couldn't make anything like this with a migraine. I love it. The flowers and panels are just fabulous. I think it's the perfect card!

  13. Can't imagine making this gorgeous card while you had a migraine! It's just gorgeous! I love the panels and the popped up flowers. You do such wonderful things with Asian Gardens! Hope you are feeling better today. I laughed at your comments about procrastinating. Guess when I made mine---this morning!! I think being home with hubby now I am picking up his bad habits!

  14. Asian Gardens was my first thought when I saw this photo, but I do not own this set so I never gave the card another thought, until this morning. Your card is just beautiful and love how you managed to get your branch on all of your panels. Just so amazingly beautiful for having the mother of all migraines.

  15. Hey Renee! I too shudder over more than two color choices!! but wow, girl - you sure worked through that migraine (ouch!) to create a gorgeous card here! I love the panels and wonderful layered blooms!

  16. Hi Renee! Your card is SO Beautiful!! I LOVE your brilliant take on the photo and colours. The blossoms are so Gorgeous and I love the panels on your card. Awesome card!!

  17. So beautiful Renee, I love the three panels with the flowers seamlessly connected. I am so sorry about your migraine, I was there last week.

  18. I love how you've cut the image into panels. Great card.

  19. This is so serene and beautiful. I hoep you are feeling better now. Maybe take a few of the new Advils when they come in the house and squirrel them away somewhere safe so you are never caught short in an emergency! A blog party is an emergency! :-)

  20. This is just special Renee, so clean but the branch so striking! Love it

  21. Oh Renee, this is beautiful! I love how the branches extend to each of the blocks and how the flowers pop off the page. Great use of the colors, too!

  22. Well, I must say you do beautiful work with a migraine . So sorry Renee, I don't get many migraines but they are the worst, and then no medicine ugggggg! Back to this gorgeous card. It is stunning and your mojo seems to just flow under pressure. GORGEOUS! Now go get some meds .

  23. Ugh, migraines, they hurt terribly~I know the pain well. You did an amazing job Renee. I love this card~I pray it's better for you today!

  24. SO it does not look like you have issues with 5 colors if you ask me, which you did not but I thought I would interject my feelings anyway xoxo LOVE the panels ... love the flowers,love the layout, LOVE IT ALL..... I feel like I sound like Rupert Everett in My Best Friends wedding ...... TOTALLY FABBY!!!

  25. I would never have known you did this with a migraine! I love the panels and the beautiful blossums. You have done some amazinf things with that set.

  26. Super fab card! GENIUS! I wouldn't say no to your headache! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Gorgeous, despite the headache! I sure hope you are feeling better today!! Migraines are awful, aren't they? :( I do love your card, and I TOTALLY thought of that set too, though I don't have it...booo. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love this, Renee!! Those blossoms just pop - makes me want to reach out and touch them! Hope you're better today!!

  29. Wonderful! Love those flowers and panels!

  30. If you made this while having a migraine, then you can do anything girl! I love your block pattern and the blossoms!! So good to talk to you last week!

  31. If you made this while having a migraine, then you can do anything girl! I love your block pattern and the blossoms!! So good to talk to you last week!

  32. Oh Renee.. I know I KNOW I have said it before... your posts ALWAYS make me SMILE and think we would be GREAT friends.. WHY I have the SAME job as you.. professional procrastinator.. hee hee! I have tried to get rid of that job.. but it doesnt work.. like right now.. know what I am supposed to be doing.. finishing gift card holders.. but am I NOOO I am looking at blogs.. facebook.. pinterest.. because guess what I still got 18 hours til they need to be done! HA HA!! I LOVE your card! and what GREAT colors!! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog!! We will be on summer break.. well tomorrow at 11:30! It is funny I have a friend whos just finished up summer school session.. we havent even had summer! HA! Next year we will have a 7th and 10th.. to say I am NOT ready is an understatement.. make them slow down this growing stuff! OK I have written a NOVEL! Have a GREAT day!! :)


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