Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PTI Blog Hop- July

Good morning!
Today's the 25th...
and I think everyone knows what the 25th of each month brings...

I don't get to play along every month...
and yes...
sometimes I even forget...
but I did find a few minutes to throw a card together this month.
Suzanne (thecardyard) was in over the weekend...
and I had such a fabulous time!
After texting everyday...
talking for hours every week...
finally getting to meet her in real life...
I was so excited...
and I still can't believe how courageous she is to come here where the wild things reside...
(that would be my 4 kids in case you're wondering!)
but I can happily say that she left in one piece...
and I missed her as soon as she was gone and hope our next get together can be a little longer!

so we had a gorgeous inspiration pic this month...

doesn't it just say "summer"?
I'm sad to see another one coming to close...
though here in the South...
we'll be warm through October...
possibly into November...
but my kiddies start back to school next week so it "feels" like it's over.
It went so quick!
#1 son has started football practice and games will start in a couple of weeks...
just doesn't seem right does it?
Football season is warm blankets...cups of coffee or cocoa...crisp fall nights under the bright lights...
not short sleeves...sweat and ice cold cans of Mtn Dew.

OK so here's what I did with the inspiration...

I used the SAF set Natural Beauties...
and if you haven't gotten a chance to play with this one yet...
you're going to love it!!
Because it hides boo-boos!!
Surely I am not the only one who sometimes stamps a solid image and when you lift the block there's still ink on the stamp and not on the paper...
this would cause me to start over...
but not with this set!
When you stamp the "burst" (I actually have no idea what to call it...sorry!) on top of the solid...
it masks and covers!
YAY for me and anyone else who occasionally has a little mishap!!

I kept it sweet and simple...
and used a sentiment from Pretty Peonies because I wanted to make it more versatile...
though it was the sentiment in Natural Beauties that caught my eye.
Literally days before it was previewed I had just pinned this pic on Pinterest...

love that little quote!

I'm done now...
and I'll see you on the hop!

The Details:
Stamps: Natural Beauties, Pretty Peonies
Cardstock: Stamper's Select, Berry Sorbet, Harvest Gold
Ribbon: Simply Chartreuse


  1. Beautiful card, Renee'! I can't wait to get my set. So glad you and Suzanne had fun together! I loved that your silly pic made it into the slideshow! So cute!

  2. Oh this is so pretty - I think you've matched the colours in the pic to perfection. Sounds like the ideal stamp set for me - I always seem to have ink left on solid stamps! Isn't that what embellishments are for - to hide the mistakes?!

  3. You rocked the natural beautiies set Renee! Such bright colors and the great bow. The little butterfly looks so "right" among all those pretty flower images. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Suzanne, we all were thinking of you on Sat!

  4. This is just so pretty! I love those flowers and all the different colors, the centers almost glow! Any stamp that hides mistakes is a keeper!

  5. Renee I love it! You have Natural Beauties and your card is a Natural Beauty. Always enjoy your posts.

  6. Aww, you girls had a great time together - yay! I love this set, too, and it totally does hide mistakes. I don't see any for you.. this is perfect. Love that bitty butterfly!

  7. I love it Renee!!! Beautiful everything!

  8. Oh, this is gorgeous. I can't wait to get this set myself. I am always needing sets that are forgiving and cover up my boo boos. And, what a great use for that ugly melon berry ink. You make it look nice. So glad you had fun with Suzanne, too.

  9. Awesome card! Seeing this gets me excited for my pti saf order to arrive! And so glad to hear it will cover slight mishaps in stamping lol! Lordy knows sometimes I need it! I lovee how you grounded the sentiment with the bow. :)

  10. Those flowers are so pretty!!!

  11. What a beautiful card, Renee! I love it!

  12. Awwww, this card is so pretty! ;-) LOVE how you used the colors on all those lovely blooms, and I love that beautiful ribbon at the bottom. Good luck with all your back-to-school activities and events! ;-)

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this gorgeous card!!!

  14. Just lovely, Renee! I love the bright colors that you used. I want to hear more about your weekend with Suzanne! Can you share any pictures? I would have loved to have been there!!

  15. Absolutely beautiful Renee!!! Love how you stamped from corner to corner! Sooooo very pretty!

  16. A gorgeous card a a fab blog most, you made me smile xxx

  17. Love, Love, Love!! Beautiful job!! :)

  18. Beautiful! Love the butterfly and bow!

  19. Gorgeous card. Love your layout. That pinterest pix is sweet.

  20. I love this, Renee! It's so pretty!

  21. gorgeous! love the stamps you chose!

  22. beautiful as always renee!!!

  23. Your card is lovely and I totally agree about the set. I believe it is one of the prettiest sets ever.

  24. Renee, this card is just so how you used this set and the colors from the inspiration photo are just so perfect for this set. Wow, can't believe school starts next week for your children...I still have one more week of summer school to teach and the month of August I am off, I can't imagine going back just yet. Have a great week playing with your sweeties.

  25. Renee this is so pretty. I can't wait to get my set so I can play.

  26. Those Natural Beauties really are a wonder. I loved how you have them coming down at a diagonal.

  27. Wow! I love your card! The layout is great!

  28. Really, really gorgeous--love it! Natural Beauties is the perfect choice to use with those colors! And I adore that sweet little butterfly! Wow, I can't imagine school starting already. It seemed you were just talking about summer break starting! I just hope that means fall weather isn't far away. The kids shouldn't have to practice football in awful heat & humidity!

  29. Oh Renee, this is so beautiful! I love the composition, and I love the peek of yellow behind the first layer. Brilliant!

  30. Pretty card. You are making me want that set now.

  31. Can't wait to get my Natural Beauties to CASE your card ~ it's a beauty, Renee. Great placement of your flowers and love the added butterfly.

  32. love your stamped flowers and bow

  33. Okay, you are going to think I am corny, but as soon as I saw your card I got chills I love it so much! It's so gorgeous!! You used those colors to perfection! And I absolutely love that layout! I'm pinning and then casing this baby.

    And how lucky are you to chat with and then meet Suzanne?! So glad you had some time together!

  34. Beautiful layout and colors!! Love it!

  35. Beautiful!! Great to see Natural Beauties in action. I can't wait to get my set.

  36. Gorgeous card, Renee! I love how you layered these colors and the (wish-I-had-it) stamp set is truly awesome. Your bow is perfection too :)

  37. This is a beautiful card, Renee, especially way you stamped the flowers diagonally across the card. I cannot wait to receive my stamp set and have time to play with it.

    I'm with you, cannot imagine football in hot and humid weather. I cannot imagine the amount of water and Gatorade those guys go through at practice.

  38. This is just beautiful ~ would never know that you made a mistake stamping ~ great placement of all of the flowers, and the addition of the butterfly is just perfect!

  39. Renee, these flowers turned out gorgeously! I love the colors you stamped them in and the way they cascade down the page. I'm so glad you and Suzanne had a fun time! How could you not with her? Isn't she awesome?! And I totally know you are too :)


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