Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kara!

Just popping in very quickly with a special wish for a special crafty friend...

Today is Kara from KandRdesigns birthday...
and wanted to wish her a day that is as happy as can be...
and a year filled with all the goodness she deserves!

And here's my e-card to her because her actual card is already in her possession...
and though it may confuse you...
she'll know the meaning behind this...

Happy Birthday, Kara!


  1. You are the best!! I totally get it! You guys made me feel so special today!!! Love my card!!

  2. Renee, this is just too cute and I love all of your pictures and that sweet cake looks so yummy and I would really love a piece of it about now. Beautiful post for Kara's birthday!

  3. Wonderful birthday photos--that cake looks super yummy! Sweet way to wish Kara a happy day!

  4. So sweet of you! Beautiful pictures!
    Hugs, Karin

  5. Very clever Renee! You Trixie! What a beautiful cake! And a big happy birthday to you too lady!


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