Monday, January 14, 2013

Waltzingmouse 2012 Favorites

Popping in really quickly since the kids are on a delayed school day due to some flooding...
which by the way...
is totally going to throw off my day...
but since we're missing the weekly Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge and all the inspiration it would bring...
both to our readers and the Mischief Makers...
Jeanne has a thread over on the Waltzingmouse forum HERE about posting our favorite Waltzingmouse projects from 2012.
Now I'm not good about picking favorites but decided I would try and give this one a go.
They're in no particular order...
just some favorite projects I've done over the past year using some of my favorite Waltzingmouse Stamps...

harder to do than I thought!
I had some Christmas projects that I did and I'm just going to be honest...
I couldn't choose between those...
so I had a few extras in there.
But overall I think we can agree...
I keep it simple!
The link below each pic will take you back to the original post in case you're interested...
and now I'm going to go get some kiddos up and get them ready for school!

Don't forget about Blog Party on Thursday the 17th!!
This month's theme is LOVE...
and you can get all the details on Claire's blog HERE!
I've got my project done and ready to go...
how about you?!

See you soon!


  1. SO many pretties Renee! I don't know where to start - love the lanterns, the clover, Cicely, Gracey... gosh... what a great way to show off your style - you have a little bit of everything for everyone! Beautiful!

  2. So many gorgeous projects here. I can see that your large collection of WM stamps are very well loved. I think my most favorite is your project with the lanterns. That card put those lanterns on my radar for the first time.

  3. Renee all of your cards that you chose are fantastic! They are such a tribute to your fabulous style. Sorry to hear that the kids are delayed today, I completely get how it is throwing you day off! Thank you for sharing today.

  4. Oh Renee - these are just lovely. I really like the lanterns card - simple and elegant, mind the bunch of shamrock is fab!

    Hope the children got off to school okay. It's cold here but the sun has come out and that always makes the day better!

  5. Great collection of favs Renee! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Renee I love the favorites you chose. Not easy to do. Loved some of the projects you did for Christmas. Love your window card too!
    Too bad about the flooding, hope it gets taken card of soon.

  7. great collection of cards and projects!!

  8. Chock full of WMS beauties! I love them and remember them all but the bees and the pink gingham Hello are my faves, Renee!!! I love seeing what you do with these stamps!

  9. I remember all of these and they are such good examples of your beautiful cards. I am going to pick the very last one with the great woodgrain hearts as my the red doily and how you framed the stamped heart image. Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2013 Renee.

  10. I know what you mean, Renee, it is like choosing from your children for favourites, so unfair! You did a great job, though and showcased lovely WMS projects. You excel at stamped backgrounds, my dear!

  11. They're all gorgeous Renee...I love the one with the witch. Such a fab colour scheme! Wish we sent Halloween cards in Australia - love the set but we just don't do Halloween like you guys do!

  12. Such a wonderful collection. Must make you proud seeing them all in one spot.

  13. What a fabulous selection Renee, its so hard to choose your own favourites isn't it? I was for me, as some of them were a favourite because they had a special meaning for me. I love these gorgeous cards, your French Country is just beautiful!

  14. I remember all of these--all such beauties! I bet it was hard for you to pick favorites with so many gorgeous WM projects. I couldn't possibly chose a favorite--love your Christmas, Halloween, French Country, stamped backgrounds--well, just everything!! It was fun reminiscing with you. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Renee, I love all of your are the queen of Waltzingmouse stamps and cards. I love each and everyone, so there is no way to have a favorite.

  16. I remember most of these. My favorite is still the first one with the window.
    Love all the Holiday ones too.


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