Friday, January 4, 2013

Waltzingmouse Secret Santa Card Exchange

Good morning!
Hope all of you have had a restful week with the holidays now behind us for another year!
Besides packing all the holiday decorations away I'm also jumping right in on some organization projects...
decided to start with the kitchen and right now...
it's a disaster!
Counters and table full of bowls, pots, pans...
drawers in disarray...
but when I get it finished...
hopefully it will be much better organized and I can actually find what I'm looking for!
We'll see how long it lasts when the kids start putting things away...
they never seem to get even close to where something actually belongs and they're why I decided to reorganize to begin with!

So I wanted to pop in and share a couple of cards with you!
These were for the Waltzingmouse Secret Santa Card Exchange.
Cathy had posted a thread on the forum last year about it and it was so much fun getting that surprise card in the mail...
decided to do it again this year!
A huge thanks to Cathy and all her hard work organizing it!
First up is the beautiful card I received from Kate all the way from Luxembourg...

She used the gorgeous new Ornate Ornaments in pink and layered it onto the Cabin Plaid Backgrounder stamped in green...
love this color combo
Thank you so much for the truly gorgeous card, Kate...
I love it!!

And then here's the card I sent to Karen using Bright Season and the free cut files Claire has for this gorgeous set in the store...

And in case you're wondering where my sentiment is...
I stamped it on the inside!

And I think that's it for me today!
I can't wait to see all the other gorgeous samples that everyone sent and received...
you can find them all on Claire's blog HERE!

Have a wonderful day and until next time!


  1. Oh how fun to get a card all the way from Luxembourg ! Its beautiful and I love the colors Kate used. The card you sent is gorgeous too! Love the black gingham and the beautiful border you added.
    Good luck with the kitchen.. and better luck with everyone putting things back :)

  2. What a lovely card from Kate! the ornament looks so pretty against the cabin plaid!

    And your lantern card is wonderful with it's holly on top Renee - the lanterns in this set are all so beautiful!

  3. Look at all the great stamping that Kate did for you! Plaid background, she obviously knows you very well! The beautiful ornament and a cute bow tied as good as you always do. I love the card you sent great you could use the free cut file for it! I really love that black trim you used along with your signature gingham paper!

  4. You are most welcome Renee. I'm glad you liked it :o)

  5. Bet you flipped when you saw the return address. Kate's card is so beautiful with that fancy ornament. And yours is gorgeous Renee! I love the lantern and that checkered border is so eye catching!

  6. Love the plaid background to that fab ornament - just so beautiful. And the lantern card you made is so elegant!

    Good luck with the reorganisation.

  7. This is such fun. The gal you sent your card to is the gal who sent me my card. It's like a giant game of telephone, only with cards. Of course, your card is just wonderful, and I love the one you received, too. I have never seen a card from Luxembourg!

  8. Beautiful cards, Renee...both received and sent. I hope that your 2013 is as bright and cheerful as you are!

  9. Renee both cards are so beautiful. I love seeing all of the different cards using so many of the same stamps. Kind of like our Four of a Kind and 12 kits, same supplies but different out comes.

  10. Kate's ornament looks so special with that fussy cutting and layering. Your lantern card is sweet, and how avant garde of you to put the sentiment on the INSIDE! LOL!

  11. WOW!! What wonderful cards - and such a fun idea -totally missed it - hope it will be back next christmas! Have a great Saturday, hugs, Karin


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