Monday, April 1, 2013

The Ugliest Card Blog Hop

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter...
lots of sunshine, family and of course...chocolate!!

Popping in quickly with a post for the fun Blog Hop that Suzanne (thecardyard) has organized...

When she first mentioned this idea I thought it was perfect!
What a fun way to look back at past projects and maybe realize how far we've come in this hobby of ours and I know that the honor of having the ugliest card ever belongs to me...
I have the card to prove it...
when I can find it.
I searched and searched and still have not found it...
and I know I kept one because I wanted it as a reminder of where I started.
Apparently I wanted to keep it safe and put it in such a good hiding place...
it's even hidden from me.
What do expect from someone who also finds Christmas gifts after Christmas that she forgot all about?
So let me just claim the honor sight unseen for that one right now...
but there is proof it exists...
because I sent out about 50 of them to family and friends...
it was my Christmas card that year.
It was the very first card I ever made...
I had no idea what I was doing and did it all on my own...
I didn't even know what "scoring" was!
I bought premade card bases that were already scored!
It's pathetic.
Truly it is...
and when I can find it...
I will prove it!

So then I had to start searching for another one to take it's place and you know what I discovered...
I actually have a lot of cards that could vi for this title!
I had a hard time picking just one and then reasoning why I picked it!
But I remember it well...
and it's bad.
I had just discovered digi stamps but didn't know about resizing and how to accomplish it...
and then it was for a challenge that was "handwritten sentiments"...
I hope the FBI never sees this card...
they could mistake me for a serial killer...

Don't ask what I was thinking...
I do love chocolate though.

So what's your ugliest card ever?
Link it up over on Suzanne's blog HERE and show it proudly...
we can all have a little fun laughing at ourselves!

Happy April Fool's!


  1. I have a few I can't find either. I'm finding this whole hop so liberating!

  2. haha. I don't love your card as much as your other cards, but I have to say that you will NOT be winning the Grand Prize Ugliest Card today.

  3. Renee, I actually don't think it's ugly...the coloring is really great, as always...and the chocolate is cool! And they layout isn't bad to boot! Okay, the sentiment did make me giggle a bit ;)

  4. Other than the chocolate image being pretty large...not sure why you don't like this one Renee. It has your signature gingham, and is colored perfectly! How fun to see what everyone thinks is their ugliest card.

  5. OK so where is the ugly card??? I actually don't mind your card, I think the chocolate strawberries re cool and I like the buttons. Tee hee hee, your post and the sentiment did make me giggle though. Happy April Fool's Day!

  6. Okay, I'm sorry to disagree with my friends, Renee, but this card is pretty darn bad! Except for the mahoosive chocolate covered strawberries, which are AWESOME!!

  7. Your post made me laugh! Loved that! But sorry its not even a pit ugly…so much for my taste. I like the hand written sentiment. Like Cathy said maybe the image is a bit large, but I would be happy if this was my Ugliest.
    You did make me smile though!

  8. Loved your post and have to say, I think your card is pretty cool too! Can't say anything bad about your beautifully colored BIG juicy chocolate-covered strawberries!!!

  9. Dingy butt....that is not a bad card at all!! Chocolate covered strawberries....who wouldn't smile! Happy!! I've had so much fun on this that "twisted"!

  10. LOL What a funny post. Your card is not serial killer material. Chocolate covered strawberries - yummy! I didn't even keep my first card I made, it was that bad. Of course, it also was Christmas cards for that year too. LOL

  11. I don't know WHY you would think this card was ugly...I don't find it bad at ALL. You are WAY too hard on yourself. It has been fun seeing all the ugly cards today though, but I think we are all our own worst critic. =)

  12. This isn't ugly at all, Renee! But I can see why it's maybe not your favourite... LOL!

  13. Wait a minute, did you write in that sentiment or did you really buy a stamp that says that? I don't think the layout or those berries are that bad, but the sentiment??? LOL!

    Thanks for joining the hop!!!

  14. Renee, this is not ugly at all! You were and still so creative, how clever of you to find a digital image to use and then to color it so beautifully is amazing to me. Now for that sentiment, it is a bit different and still have a hard time believing you send a strawberry card out for Christmas. But then again, why not!


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