Saturday, May 31, 2014

12 Kits of Occasions...May

Good morning!
Hope your summer's off to a great start!
We've got kids out of school...
little league is almost over...
and we are knee deep in home improvements project!
Currently we're painting and laying some new flooring...
and I'm not complaining about it because my craft space is getting the treatment...
I'm also hoping it gets some much needed organization when it's all put back together because I can't find anything! *giggle*

But today is the last day of the month and you know what that brings...
12 Kits of Occasions!
After an unexpected hiatus last month...
I did manage to get a few cards done with the wonderfully fabulous kit that Joyce sent...
here's another gorgeous pic courtesy of Kara...

As I think you can gather from the pic...
this month is all about the guys...
and here's what I was able to come up with...






And like always...
lots of goodies still left to play with!
But make sure to pop over to the 12 Kits blog HERE to see what everyone was able to come up with using this awesome kit...
including our 2 guesties this month...
and Lindsey from Occasional Crafting.

Well, I'm off to get some more painting done before heading to the ball field this afternoon...
and hopefully I'll have my crafty space back in order and I'll see you soon!
Have a great weekend and till next time!


  1. beautiful renee! love all of the lines on your cards and that pretty cas last card with the boat! great job!!

  2. Hello Renee! Wonderful CAS designs with the nautical kit, you really did a great job with these!!

  3. Wow Renee--you made some fantastic cards, and I love every single one of them. I haven't seen so many cards on your blog for quite some time. I'm so glad you were able to step off the treadmill long enough to craft---must have been the temptation of all that navy. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas and CASing opportunities.

  4. Look at all those great nautical cards! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Wishing you a happy birthday the red/white paper and the angled cuts. I also really love the balsa wood ship card...such a cute CAS card... great masculine card! Good luck with that flooring!

  5. Renee...I love them all! So nice to see you back making cards and how fun to get a sprucing up in your craft area too! Can't wait to see that. Your first card is my favorite, I love the clean lines and that sail boat is so beautiful against the red pin stripe. Enjoy your weekend and all your home improvements too!

  6. Love how graphic and CAS these are!

  7. Renee! Beautiful work here! I bet if you had more time all these would get published. I have only done it once or twice myself and know it takes forever. I love the CAS look of them all! Happy you had a bit of time to make and share. We miss your talent. Enjoy all the projects. My husband is helping our friends put in wood floors....he is so sore!

  8. Wow, love all your awesome CAS designs! And it's wonderful to see you back crafting. Love the angled design for your birthday card! Good luck with the remodeling. You should see my crafting space. We have placed two large chairs that I don't know what to do with right in the middle of the floor. There is practically no room to get around. Hope to do something soon!

  9. Oh Renee! Totally smitten with the first and last. The two with the sail boats. So clean but nothing is missing. They are amazing! How do you do that? In awe here!

  10. Just WONDERFUL Renee! Love every single card and will be CASEing them with my leftovers. They are all so bold and striking.

  11. Great card designs Renee! how fun is this masculine nautical kit!!

  12. Great job with this monthly kit...Hope the remodeling goes as expected. I did a complete overhaul of my craft room two years ago. New floor, fresh paint, etc. the room looked so nice and neat I didn't even want to use it, and now I know why. It looks nothing like it did two years ago. It's on my list to do a purge this week in that room, can't find anything anymore, and I sure want it to look nice and pristine again like it did two years ago.

  13. Love your cards! And I'm glad I still have some goodies left over that I can CASE some of them. Thanks so much for your kind words on my kit cards. They meant a lot.

  14. Renee, the second one if my favorite! I just love the way you have the diagonal stripes on the sides :) The last one is so simple yet perfect. Really lets the boat and sentiment shine. And the bold red stripes on the 3rd? Swoon :)


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