Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Time Traveler's Wife

Good morning!
Hope your week is off to a great start!
If not...
at least it's hump day and half over...
the weekend is just around the corner! *wink*

Today I'm popping in quickly while running a marathon of Season 3 Call the Midwife...
finished Scandal Saturday and had thought to myself "I wish season 3 of Call the Midwife was available"...
and guess what!
I either have ESP OR magical wishing powers ( which would be REALLY cool! *wink*) because Netflix sent me an email Sunday afternoon that it was now available...
So anyway...
popping in quickly with a quickie try at the Make It Monday #181 over at PTI.

Danielle posted a really cool technique this week using something I never imagined using for paper crafting...
toilet tissue!
But it looked fun and I wanted to give it a try and here's my very simple attempt at it...

MIM Paper Casting

I used Tag Sale #4 to cut the tag before stamping...
then I used Peace Be Still for the actual images.

MIM Paper Casting

If you look really close you can see that the dove's eye even came through with this technique which I didn't expect.
I gotta admit I had a little too much fun doing this...
don't laugh but this technique was all the more fun because for just a moment while wetting and cutting and stamping this plain white Charmin that picked up tiny specks of colored cardstock from my cutting plates and merged to create a unique speckled paper...
but for just a brief moment... 
I was able to pretend that I was Clare Abshire DeTamble... 
in my studio merging and molding paper...
while waiting for Henry to return from one of his trips...
wondering if he would return.
And if you have to ask who Clare and Henry are...
you really need to read more.
It's one of my all time favorite books in the whole history of forever...
took my breath away the first time I read it and I couldn't leave it for days after finishing it...
I even have a signed 1st edition, 1st print and it's one of my most prized material possessions...
The Time Traveler's Wife.

And now that you know I really do have a most active imagination...*giggle*
I'll let you get to your day.
Thanks so much for stopping by...
see you next time!


  1. Your tag is so pretty, Renee. It's amazing that even that little dove's eye is embossed.

  2. Oh I thought this was such a fun challenge too! I love your Peace Be Still tags.....Every year I wonder why I don't have this set.....

  3. Love your tags and post Renee! They were fun to make and I love that you kept them tags.
    This is so weird : I was thinking about Call of the Midwifes today.. I swear! I love that show, with the exception of maybe one. I am always sad when its over... so excited to know there will be more.

  4. Your post was so well written - made me smile - and love your tags too! :)

  5. Renee, I love that stamp set you used...the dove is my "go to" for 'spirit' cards! This turned out to be a fabulous tag...and so glad you shared the story of your favorite book...I read a lot, but have never read that one...will go look it up now!!

  6. Beautiful tag, Clare (oh, I mean Renee)! Love how your image clearly came through all the Charmin and that pretty blue ribbon is the perfect finishing touch ;-)

  7. OK, need to read that book, you made it sound irresistible! Actually tried this tag, and didn't like my result. Yours is perfection! Love the sweet dove, and the satin ribbon! Beautiful tag!

  8. This is so fun! I'm sure hoping I get a chance to give this a try.

  9. I never thought to have so much fun with toilet paper. Love these tags. Forgot all about the Time Travelers Wife--loved that book as well. I wonder if she has written anything else?

  10. Great job with the MIM, Renee! I loved the Time Traveler's Wife, so I got your reference. ;)

  11. I just wanted to say, after reading Joyce's comment, that I did read another book by Audrey Niffenegger... it was called Her Fearful Symmetry and it was weird. Dark. And weird. I didn't like it at all.

  12. LOVE these Renee!! I must give this one a try!! :)
    Have a GREAT day!!

  13. Fabulous tags, Renee! That dove makes a great image for this technique, which sadly I have yet to try. Yours came out wonderful!

  14. Yay!!! Look at you doing a Make it Monday! You always make the best you dying to get your trees up! Cute ornaments, love that technique.

  15. This is so cool! I need to try this! I love the images you chose - they made beautiful impressions

  16. Wow...your tags are amazing. I still need to give this a try. You totally rocked the challenge.


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