Saturday, March 21, 2015

Some Quick Stitches

It's been over a month since I've been here...
how time flies!
I knew going into this year that I wouldn't be posting as much as in the past...
the kids are growing so fast and there's just so much on our plates...
but I really didn't mean to go this long.
Maybe I should change the name of the blog to "When I Remember"...*giggle*.

3/4th's of the kids have been on spring break for the last week and 2 of them headed out early (VERY early) last Saturday for NYC with our church youth chorus...
and while waiting for them to come home Thursday night I finally broke out some of the new dies from Erin's new Quick Stitch Sewing Staples Kit at PTI.
I love that the dies from Erin's kits will eventually be sold in the store as stock...
that they aren't a one time deal...
but after growing up in a household that could never find my mother knowing where a pair of scissors were...
I knew that I wanted to make her a scissor keeper and needle book for Mother's Day so I ordered the kit so I would have everything in time.
Plus I really liked the sentiment in the little stamp set and can see using it for various handmade gifts.
So anyway...
I decided to start with the scissor keeper...
and have now made 3 of them they're so easy to put together!

The first one is mine...
I didn't have the floral cluster centered like I thought did so I'm looking at it as my "learning" one...
double check placement at all times! *wink*

Navy Quick Stitch Scissor Keeper

This one is made out of Midnight Blue and lined with White both from Felt on the Fly/Etsy...
the floral cluster uses Winter Wisteria, Lavender Moon, Royal Velvet, Simply Chartreuse and Spring Moss all from PTI

Here's my 2nd one...
floral placement much better...

Grey Quick Stitch Scissor Keeper

This is made from Slate Grey, lined with Smoke Grey and floral cluster is composed of Thistle, Baby Pink and Light Blue all from Felt on the Fly...
the leaves are Simple Chartreuse and Spring Moss from PTI.

And this one is probably my favorite...
I love the folk art feeling with these colors...

Black Quick Stitch Scissor Keeper

This one is True Black, Lined with Vintage Cream and the floral cluster is Ocean Tides, Terracotta Tile, Autumn Rose, Simply Chartreuse and Spring Moss...all from PTI.

Next up...
needle books to coordinate with the scissor keepers!
And then trying some new color combos!

And I've got some other things coming up so maybe I'll manage to make it back before another month passes.
Till next time!


  1. Beautiful ! I'm especially loving the black one with white stitching. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These came out beautifully!

  3. Gorgeous! I am so happy Incame here tonight to see your creations as I was thinking of either Lavender Moon or Winter Wisteria. They both look so pretty together!

    I am impressed that you've whipped out three already and I haven't even made one yet (let alone cut out my felt). Can't wait to see your needle books!


  4. Wow, these are so beautiful, Renee!! Do they take a while? I still haven't had a chance to play yet...darn that job!

  5. Oh Renee they are just beautiful. Enjoy. I will have to pin them. Perfect choice of colours.

  6. Oh, Renee, these are too gorgeous! I love how the colors just pop on those dark bases! Beautiful, very professional-looking keepers. Well done!

  7. Love all of these Renee, and I thought I didn’t need them..... now I want them.
    Thanks for your sweet comment about Delaney!

  8. Renee....these ar e gorgeous!!

  9. These are gorgeous Renee. You make me want to go buy these now. Beautiful in each color! Drooling here. I love every little stitch!

  10. Renee....these are all so beautiful. I know how much work goes into making these and your handywork is shear perfection!

  11. Renee, these are incredible! Seriously love them. Can't wait to see the coordinating needle books.


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