Monday, June 8, 2015

Thank You

Good afternoon!
Hope your week is off to a great start!

Popping in quickly with some cards using Betsy's new Make It Market Kit: Nostalgic Notions.
If you happen to have caught my post about my oldest son and the freak accident he had a couple of weeks ago then you'll understand why all of my cards today are Thank You's...
I have a long list of people to thank for dinners and gifts and such.
If you need a catch up you can read about it HERE...
but I do want to warn that there are some graphic photos and details.

to the cards!
My first one is a CASE of one of Betsy's...
I just kept it slightly more on the simple side because all of these have to go into the mail...

MIM:Nostalgic Notions

And because I've got quite a few cards to make and I'm hoarding the gorgeous patterned paper included in the kit until (I hope) they sell it individually (PLEASE!!!)...
I dug into my stash and found some older October Afternoon paper pads that work perfectly...

MIM:Nostalgic Notions

MIM:Nostalgic Notions

MIM:Nostalgic Notions

I can tell you that Tinsel and Tags is my favorite MIM kit...
though I'm REALLY excited to see what Betsy has in store for this year's holiday kit...
but Nostalgic Notions is neck and neck for favorite now.
I waited almost a year for this one...
ever since her SAF kit last year and it was worth the wait...
I LOVE this kit!
I've been cutting and stamping these gorgeous blooms all weekend and then assembling them "assembly line" style...
that way I can make 2-4 of each style easy peasy.
I still have more in the works but figured this was enough cards for one post.

And a quick update on Robert...
we got his stitches out last week and the surgeon said he's looking great.
He should be able to start summer football by the time it starts in July since his helmet pads should hit lower than where his scar is and shouldn't cause any problems.
He still has no feeling on the top of his head...there was a lot of nerve damage and the surgeon said he may recover some sensation but there is permanent damage so not to expect a lot of it to come back.
He finally let us shave the rest of his hair off to match the front of his head...
which while his haircut would have fit right in on the show "Vikings"...
he kind of stood out in our little town.

He's healing.

He's still here with me.

I get to tell him I love him every day...
and hear him say it back.

I thank God every day for that.

Thanks so much for stopping by and till next time!


  1. Oh my gosh! I should never have stopped by today! Darn!!!! I really want this set after seeing your cards...that first one is just perfect!!!!!!!
    I am so glad Robert is on the mend..... Football...... You know I love football ...but I will be keeping Robert in my prayers to mend all the way.

  2. Your first card made me have to have this set!!!!!!! just bought it!

  3. I love Betsy's new kit - and you've made lovely cards with it Renee - so happy to hear Robert is doing so well - but I have to say I cringed when you said he was going to play football!!! but, of course, you can't wrap him in bubble wrap (can you??!) hugs, Julia xx

  4. So glad to hear of Robert's recovery. And, all your cards are perfect.

  5. Your cards are just perfection! Love them all! The flower stamps and dies in the set are fabulous and your designs wonderful. So happy to hear Robert is doing well!

  6. I feel a little sick to my stomach now, Renee, as I went to catch up and was horrified to see what happened to Robert. God bless your family! That just says it all! God bless your family! That cake was so something I would do and I loved it!! And I love all your thank you card designs, too! Great inspiration!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

  7. Renee so glad to hear that Robert is doing so well! Hope that things are very calm for you the rest of the summer! Big Hugs!!!!!!!! Your thank you cards are so beautiful! I want this kit of Betsy's so bad but I am trying to be good....LOL! Now that I see your cards I may break down like Marybeth. LOL!!!!

  8. OMG! Look at you! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Cards! I havent even gotten mine inky yet Renee! Wow! So beautiful! I need to pin all of these! Thank God Robert is doing good. Still so scary to even think about.

  9. Oh MY you are ROCKING this kit....curses!! ;)!

  10. Renee, so happy the prayers and good wishes for your son is helping him to heal!
    Your thank you cards are simply beautiful ~ love those beautiful flowers and the pretty PP.

  11. I have to agree with the rest of the ladies....this is simply over the top amazing. So beautiful, so gorgeous and just plain old stunning. So happy to hear that Robert is healing, what a true blessing.


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