Sunday, September 27, 2015

Folk Art Beaded Ornaments

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Popping in quickly with a trio of ornaments using PTI's Beaded Holiday dies.
I was inspired by the colors in this pic...

Maybe it's just me but they just give this project a primitive look that I adore so I wanted to recreate it and this is what I came up with...


Someone on the forum posted a pic using the Key Fob Medallion #2 die for the stitching and I wanted to give it a try and I gotta say I love this snowflake pattern that came out of it.


Again using the Medallion #2 die.
These ornaments are also my first time using a blanket stitch...
I had a bit of trial and error getting started but once I found my groove it was pretty easy...
but I felt the blanket stitch help lend to the folk art feel so I really wanted to learn this stitch.


I used the tree motif from the kit for this one but kept it super simple and with no sequins to again help lend to the folk art feel.

So I just got a new couch for the family room and I'm dyeing our leather chairs from a deep burgundy to black...did you know you can do that?
I just finished the first one and I gotta say while it is a bit messy...
make sure to wear gloves because that dye is almost permanent on skin...
don't ask how I know *grin*...
and now I'm imagining red throws and plaid pillows on the furniture for Christmas and can't wait to start decorating trees...
only hubby made me promise I won't put up the tree in the family room before November but I can't wait to see these particular ornaments on that tree and can't wait to get it up!
And BTW...I didn't promise not to put up the other trees before November. *wink*

Hope you have a wonderful week and till next time!


  1. Renee, they're so sweet! I love the primitive look that you achieved - it looks like something that Betsy might have done!

  2. Hi Renee. Beautiful ornaments.

  3. Renee,these look wonderful in black! Love the folk art feel to these absoultly darling! The black leather sounds like a fun project!

  4. Beautiful stitching Renee, I love the black!

  5. Oh Renee these ornaments are so stylish. Seriously upmarket and expensive looking. Love them.
    Well done with your black leather project. I am sure your room will look really lovely for Christmas.

  6. These are stunning! Renee, you are just incredible. (PS Had no idea you could die a are a braver soul than I!)

  7. Lovely job on these ornaments Renee - love the black/white/red - like painted tinware - they will look wonderful on tree or package! have a great weekend! Julia xx

  8. Oh my Renee - I LOVE the prim feel of these gorgeous ornaments!!!! They are so wonderful! And what fun to dye chairs to the color you need! I was thinking about Christnas trees today too! I really want to put mine up earlier this year so I can enjoy it longer! The season goes by so fast otherwise!!! :)

  9. WoW! The red stitching on the black felt is HEAVENLY! So striking and reminds me of folk art! I used to love stitching on black, but it was hard on my eyes. I'm wondering if the colored thread made it easier? The gems you added make these even better!


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