Monday, September 14, 2015

One More Quick Ornament

Good afternoon!
Thanks for the sweet comments on yesterday's ornaments...
back again for one more and then you probably won't see me blogging till Thanksgiving! *giggle*
While waiting for a load of laundry...
and for the dew to burn off so I can get outside and do some mowing...
I decided to stitch up another quick beaded ornament.
I found this pic on Pinterest and used it for inspiration...

And using some of the first Stitch Kit dies put this together...


While it took a little longer than I originally thought...
it was worth it because I thought it turned out really great and now I have one ornament on hand for a gift card!

And with almost 6 acres to mow...
and the riding mower is down...
I'm off to the yard!
Hope you have a great rest of the week!
Till next time!


  1. Renee what a fantastic ornament!! I envy you that you can do this and do it so well. Happy mowing!

  2. How sweet - and a near perfect replica of your pinterest inspiration - good luck with that acerage! at least you'll get a lot of exercise! Julia xx

  3. This is gorgeous Renee, I have been looking on the forum to see if you posted anything. Should have looked here first. I should have posted mine . Love the flowers and nice way to use those flower dies, I have them too.

  4. Oh this is gorgeous Renee. Keep posting. Loving your creations

  5. Love your creation, and the ones from yesterday. So nice to see what you have been up to. Lots of crafty goodness.

  6. Renee, these are gorgeous! You are blowing me away with all of your stitching.

  7. Gorgeous ornament!!! And 6 acres?! Wow! You are a braver mower than I! :)

  8. You stitch beautifully - the colors are amazing and I love all the details.. the sprinkle of little beads... swoon!!


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